Partnerships don’t come much more prestigious than Formula 1 innovator Bernie Ecclestone, luxury publisher Opus and Web 3.0 super-studio Glorious Digital.

Opus has become a renowned innovator, having previously worked with the likes of Ferrari, Usain Bolt and Manchester United. Glorious Digital is not out of place in this company, having worked alongside brands like Wimbledon and the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Meanwhile, Bernie Ecclestone will forever be associated with motor racing – he is known for his work in helping turn F1 into the global phenomenon it is today.

That is why a new NFT collection, entitled ‘The Ecclestone Grand Prix Collection’, is gaining so much attention. The collection consists of 26 historic cars, which are set to be released as NFTs attached to exclusive fan experiences you won’t see anywhere else.

Each NFT is created from giant Polaroid images produced by one of the world’s only working giant 20”x24” cameras (only five remain in the world). Each one of the iconic vehicles included in the artwork holds a special place in history, having raised chequered flags at some of the biggest races throughout the history of motorsport.

However, it’s not just the artworks themselves that are capturing the imagination of race fans. The exclusive fan experiences that come with them are beyond the dreams of most car enthusiasts.

For instance, if you are to purchase one of the 26 digital artworks in The Ecclestone Grand Prix Collection, you will also get an invitation to Bernie Ecclestone’s own racetrack.

Not only that, you will also get an opportunity to see each of the 26 iconic cars, go to an exclusive lunch which is hosted by Bernie himself, and receive the original Polaroid used to create the NFT.

Opus Chief Executive Karl Fowler discussed his excitement ahead of the release.

He said: “To be able to partner with the best in this field was the deciding factor for us and with Glorious leading the way in the NFT art arena we are super excited about this partnership release of this historically important NFT collection.”

Glorious Digital Chief Executive, Tim Harper, shared this sentiment.

He added: “Like the millions of fans around the world, we’ve become drawn to Formula 1 not only because we are fascinated by the current superstars and teams that we watch now, but also the intriguing individuals, teams and cars that came before them, which are woven into the fabric of the sport’s origins has become a joy. And now, thanks to Opus and Bernie, we are proud to be releasing artworks that have been inspired by that history”.

The trio are also releasing the more accessible ‘The Grand Prix Trilogy Collection’, with 2600 one-of-one edition NFTs, again using the images of the 26 cars, but in a mixed set of three.

Both collections will be available to view at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from 17 November. With the release date of the artworks, yet to be announced.