‘They saved my life’: Iceland CEO thanks paramedics after collapsing at London Marathon

Iceland’s executive chairman, Richard Walker, expressed his gratitude towards the paramedics who saved his life after he collapsed near the finish line of the London Marathon. Walker had been running alongside his Iceland colleague, Simon Felstead, to raise money for the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK.

In a post on his Instagram account, the 43-year-old shared details of his collapse, stating that he had fallen unconscious less than two miles from the finish line due to hyperthermic shock. Walker’s body temperature had reached 42C and was continuing to rise. He admitted that he may have underestimated the training required for the marathon and pushed himself too hard on the day, attributing it to “Everest arrogance” from his successful climb of the world’s highest mountain last year.

Walker regained consciousness about half an hour later, surrounded by a team of dedicated medics who had worked tirelessly to revive him. He expressed his gratitude towards them, stating that they were the true heroes of the day and that he owes them his life. The medics were from St John Ambulance, the leading first aid charity in the UK.

This was Walker’s first marathon, but he is no stranger to pushing himself to the limits for a good cause. Last year, he climbed Mount Everest and raised over £1 million for The National Brain Appeal to build the world’s first Rare Dementia Support Centre.

Reflecting on the marathon, Walker shared his admiration for all the participants and their inspiring stories behind their motivation to run. He also expressed his emotional response to witnessing the various charity efforts throughout the event.

The London Marathon, held on Saturday, saw over 50,000 people run the 26.2-mile course, including politicians, actors in character, and amateurs in costume. It was a day filled with record-breaking achievements and heartwarming moments, with donations pouring in for various charities.

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