Research by The National Lottery has revealed a list of things Gen Zs would do, if they won a large sum of cash.

At the top of the list, with 33 percent of the vote, was giving a large lump sum of money away to their parents.

Going on ethical travelling trips (28 percent), giving large amounts of money to charity (20 percent), and moving to the countryside and living off grid (11 percent) also featured on the list of dreams for today’s youngsters.

As many as one in ten (9 percent) would buy sustainable home, while 13 percent would start a new business, so they could offer long term employment to their friends and family.

Six in ten (61 percent) of the 18- to 29-year-olds polled said they were sure they would splash their lottery winnings in a different way to how their parents would.

35 percent said that, rather than lavishing the money on luxuries, they would use it to follow their passions, 32 percent said experiences are more important to them than objects, and almost a quarter (24 percent) said they would aim to use the money to do something good in society.

Ten percent would invest in an ethical company, and more than one in twenty (seven percent) would spend their winnings on helping to fight climate change.

When it comes to how Gen Zs would feel if they won the lottery, the majority (44 percent) said they’d initially feel overwhelmed, and 34 percent said they’d be delighted. And a selfless 38 percent said they’d feel happy for their family.

Overall, 92 percent of us believe it’s important to do some good with the winnings of the lottery.

On average, the nation would give 16 percent of their winnings to charity – while Gen Zs would pledge 19 percent.

And interestingly, 59 percent of younger Brits said they’d still shop for a bargain if they won over £100 million, compared to an overall average of 50%.


Andy Carter, Senior Winners Advisor at The National Lottery said, “We have paid over 6,000 National Lottery millionaires and have seen winners get excited about everything from buying their dream home, booking amazing holidays or even splashing out on the new vacuum cleaner they’ve always wanted.


“But without a doubt, seeing the joy that helping family, friends or their local community brings is what a winner remembers the most.

“It’s heart-warming to see that young people want to change the lives of the people they care about. And with a massive win like Friday’s estimated £114M jackpot, they could change a lot of lives.”

The study also found that 79 percent of Brits have compiled a fantasy wish list shopping list, in case they won the lottery.

Of those who regularly buy lottery tickets, a third (33 percent) use the same numbers every time, while 28 percent pick them at random.

And 22 percent of Brits believe they absolutely WILL win the lottery one day


  1. Give money to your parents      33%
  2. Pay off all my family’s debts      32%
  3.  Go ethically travelling       28%
  4.  Give a large sum of money to charities that are important to me 26%
  5. Buy a sibling a house         17%
  6. Start a new business and employ your friends and family   13%
  7.  Move to the country and try to live off grid       11%
  8. Buy a sustainable home       9%
  9.  Invest in an ethical company      10%
  10. Start a charity        9%
  11. Buy a top of the range electric car     8%
  12.  Build an eco-home to move into     7%
  13.  Set up a charity/ social enterprise     7%
  14.  Invest in the fight against climate change    7%
  15. Set up your own political party and run as an MP   6%