Storio Group Charts a New Course with Strategic Rebranding and Executive Leadership Handover for Sustained Growth

Last Updated on: 16th March 2024, 01:28 pm

Previously operating as albelli-Photobox Group, the conglomerate behind the well-known brands Photobox UK and Bonusprint, has transitioned to Storio group, marking a significant evolution in the personalised photo product domain in Europe. Boasting an impressive revenue stream of over EUR 340M and a satisfied clientele of more than 11 million, this rebranding initiative is coupled with a pivotal executive change, with Alessandro Coppo assuming the CEO role from Tristan Money on February 8th, 2024. This strategic move is integral to a two-year plan post-merger, aimed at bolstering integration, fostering innovation, and driving expansion.

The rebranding and leadership transition were unveiled at an electrifying internal launch event, streamed live from Amsterdam, London, and Barcelona, effectively linking the company’s extensive European network in a celebratory digital conclave. This occasion signified the dawn of an invigorating new chapter for Storio group, with festivities echoed throughout all its European outposts.

Tristan Money concluded his commendable nine-year tenure by entrusting the leadership to Alessandro Coppo, following the successful merger with Photobox in January 2022.

Alessandro Coppo, with a distinguished career spanning over 25 years, including pivotal roles at Boston Consulting Group and a transformative 17-year journey at eBay, is at the helm to navigate Storio group towards a promising horizon. His instrumental role in propelling eBay Classifieds Group’s revenues from $300M to in excess of $1B exemplifies his strategic prowess in enhancing connectivity through innovative technology and curating safe, delightful commerce experiences, mirroring Storio group’s future direction and values.

As the newly appointed CEO, Alessandro is dedicated to building upon the solid foundation laid by Tristan and the leadership team, aspiring to elevate Storio group to a premier, beloved brand that resonates with people through the celebration of significant moments.

The transition to Storio group encapsulates the organisation’s progression and its unwavering pledge to deliver memorable experiences. This branding overhaul signifies the company’s resolve to continue its trajectory of growth and innovation in the industry. At the core of Storio group’s rebranding effort is the poignant purpose statement, “To Make Joy Unforgettable,” underscoring its commitment to converting precious customer moments into perpetual memories.

Upon assuming his new role, Alessandro Coppo expressed his anticipation, “It’s a thrilling time to lead a company that sits at the intersection of digital and physical realms and whose products have a deep level of emotional connection with its customers. Our commitment to innovation and personal connection is unique, and I look forward to building on the strong foundation laid by Tristan and the team. Our new brand identity and values will be central to our commitment to customers and employees.”

Alessandro Coppo – Chief Executive Officer

Tristan Money shared his thoughts on the new developments, “The launch of Storio group and the welcoming of Alessandro Coppo as CEO, marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Since the merger of albelli and Photobox Group 2 years ago, we have worked diligently to integrate our operations and set a clear path for the future. Alessandro’s experience and vision align perfectly with Storio group’s mission, vision, purpose, values, and proposition.”

With a refreshed identity and strategic leadership at the helm, Storio group is poised to enhance its industry presence, rolling out innovative solutions to elevate the customer experience and catalyse growth, in harmony with its redefined purpose, values, and EVP.

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