Medicana Health Group to Enhance UK’s Private Healthcare Landscape

Last Updated on: 16th March 2024, 08:51 am

In a significant development, Medicana Health Group, a leader in integrated healthcare services, is set to make its mark in the UK, answering the call for high-quality healthcare alternatives.

The post-pandemic landscape has seen a marked increase in individuals opting for private healthcare, prompting Medicana to export its acclaimed model of care to the UK. At the core of Medicana’s service is “active listening and personalized attention at every stage of the patient’s journey,” guaranteeing a tailored healthcare pathway from the first interaction to ongoing aftercare. This patient-focused methodology, successfully implemented in Türkiye, is anticipated to redefine the concept of private healthcare in the UK.

Medicana Steps into the £282 Billion UK Healthcare Market

The revival of the UK’s private healthcare sector in the post-COVID period of 2021 and 2022 has been significantly bolstered by an increase in self-funded patients. A record-breaking number of people are now choosing private healthcare services to evade the lengthy NHS wait times and to take advantage of the superior quality and expertise available in the independent sector. According to the Akeso report, the UK’s total healthcare spending in 2022 was approximately £282 billion, with public (government) contributions accounting for around 80% and private (non-government) expenditures for about 20%.

In light of this expanding market, Medicana is eager to employ its extensive expertise and wide-ranging care services to make inroads into the UK’s private healthcare scene. With the introduction of its tried-and-tested care model, which spans from sophisticated diagnostics to bespoke treatments, Medicana is ready to cater to the burgeoning demand for elite private healthcare. The organisation’s allegiance to excellence, combined with its novel patient care approach, positions Medicana as a prime solution for the UK’s prevailing healthcare dilemmas.

Medicana’s Global Healthcare Expertise Arrives in the UK

Annually catering to over 5.5 million patients globally and supported by 16 well-equipped hospitals, Medicana Health Group has a proven track record in delivering superior healthcare services to a wide-ranging patient base. The group’s entry into the UK healthcare market promises to bring about a significant shift towards more personalised, effective, and patient-centred healthcare services.

With a heritage spanning over three decades, Medicana’s expertise encompasses numerous medical specialities, including advanced treatments in fields such as Oncology, Neurosurgery, and Orthopaedics. Moreover, Medicana has extended its mission to educate, offering a spectrum of educational programs across various levels.

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