Things to Consider When Starting a Sandwich Shop

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:46 pm

Every time you pass by a deli or sandwich shop, you see one thing in common – the customers. These businesses could not go this long without their most important asset – that’s right, their customers. Luckily for them, millions of people out there love sandwiches so much that they’ll wait in line to get one. Does it ring a bell? Have you planned to start some business but didn’t know the idea? Opening a sandwich shop can make sense, the most favorite American food. But getting started in this domain also requires some basic knowledge and understanding like other businesses. Here are some suggestions.

Cost planning

You would want to know what it typically costs to start a sandwich shop. Well, location can be the main thing in this. In some states, you need about USD$ 60,000 to get started. But this may also vary based on whether you run an independent shop or join hands with a reputed franchise. If you are not aware, you can own a Jon Smith Subs shop through the latter option. So, essentially, your primary cost calculation can factor areas like marketing, stock, equipment, location deposit, license, inspection, etc. Don’t forget expenses like employee salary, repair, maintenance, etc.

Equipment selection

You may need different appliances to run this type of food shop. Get them on lease or buy. You can talk to local suppliers via a restaurant association belonging to the National Restaurant Association. If you open a franchise shop, you will not have to put effort into finding the suppliers. They will tell you who to contact. Nevertheless, you would need commercial refrigerators, workstations, sinks, cleaning equipment, dishwasher, slicing machine, food processor, kitchen utensils, oven and microwave, scales, furnishings, etc.

Franchise or independent business

Most people struggle in this area because they don’t know which approach can be most suitable for their needs. Also, this decision can hugely impact your costs. But one thing you cannot deny is the slew of benefits that come with the franchise model. You don’t have to worry about the future of your business because you are making your way into a pre-existing successful model with a proven track record. You don’t have to do intense marketing because the brand is already well-known. Plus, you can easily avail of a business loan. Since you get full support from the selected brand, your prior business experience doesn’t matter. Also, you can save a considerable sum on equipment and stock because of their old relationship with the area suppliers.

You cannot imagine this support with an independent business. You have to build everything from scratch, which can take time to show favorable results. Then, it will be more of a trial and error experience, due to which your savings can be at stake.

Considering different aspects, it can sound better to choose the franchise path. Some people say you will not be the boss, though. But don’t forget – it is your business in the end. You only have to replicate the successes and build your wealth.

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