Today, the Shadow Robot Company, renowned for its Dextrous Hand series, made an exciting announcement regarding the launch of its Robotics Consultancy Service.

Based in London, the Shadow Robot Company is an innovative robotics firm specializing in cutting-edge anthropomorphic robot hands and advanced systems. With the introduction of its robotics consultancy service, the company aims to facilitate the integration of robotic hand technology into products and processes, fostering innovation for businesses.

Through its consultancy service, the Shadow Robot Company offers comprehensive expertise and guidance, empowering companies to optimize their performance, efficiency, and competitiveness by leveraging robotic hand technology. The service encompasses tailor-made solutions and dedicated support, drawing on the company’s in-house engineering and production capabilities.

The range of services provided includes:

  1. Technical proficiency: Offering counsel on all aspects of robotic hand design, development, and implementation, including feasibility studies, prototyping, as well as testing and validation.
  2. System integration: Seamlessly integrating robotic hands into existing systems through customized hardware and software solutions, accompanied by comprehensive training and support.
  3. Application development: Enabling the creation of innovative applications for robotic hands, either enhancing current products and processes or driving advancements in new domains.

Rich Walker, the Director of the Shadow Robot Company, expressed enthusiasm about the launch of their robotics consultancy service, emphasizing their commitment to sharing their extensive expertise and knowledge with other companies striving to innovate using robotic hand technology. Recognizing the growing number of enterprises developing their own robot hands, the company aspires to offer the expertise of world-class robot hand developers to the broader community. Walker believes that robotic hand technologies possess immense potential to revolutionize various industries and sectors, and he is eager to support clients in realizing their objectives and aspirations.

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With over two decades of experience in designing and developing robotic systems for research and industry, the Shadow Robot Company boasts an impressive track record. Collaborating with esteemed clients such as NASA, ESA, OpenAI, Google Brain, MIT, University of Oxford, and University of Cambridge, among others, the company has established itself as a leading player in the field. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has garnered them numerous prestigious accolades, including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation in 2019, the AIconics Award for Best Innovation in AI Hardware in 2019, and the E&T Innovation Awards for Excellence in R&D, Intelligent Systems, and Tech for Good in 2020.

The robotics consultancy service is now accessible to companies worldwide, showcasing the Shadow Robot Company’s dedication to empowering businesses globally through transformative robotic hand technology.