Niche Health and Social Care Launches Digital Marketing Portfolio to Enter the Digital World

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:20 am

Niche Health and Social Care Consulting, a Manchester-based firm specialising in independent investigations for NHS England and NHS Improvement, have launched a new digital media asset collection. This includes a blogging site and PodCast series available across multiple providers, including SoundCloud and BandCamp.

Managing Partner, Kate Jury, said: “We wanted to expand the ways we connect with our clients and the public at large, and move on from only having a website and LinkedIn page. We are a ‘values driven’ consultancy, and that permeates every aspect of our business. The way we treat our staff, our clients, their staff, and the families and people who work with us, is always with respect, kindness and integrity, and we are proud of the reputation we have built in this space.”

The articles and podcasts will cover topics such as NHS Whistleblowing, Governance, Independent Investigations and think-pieces and Op-Eds about medical and governance matters within the UK. Niche Health and Social Care Consulting have gone out of their way to ensure that there are many different ways to access these articles so that everyone can read/listen in.

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