Asbestos Monitoring in Real Time Now Available

First Real-Time Airborne Asbestos Monitor and Alarm Now Deployed on UK and Ireland Sites

London, UK – The world’s first real-time airborne asbestos monitor and alarm is now being successfully utilized on various sites around the UK and Ireland. Developed by award-winning company ALERT Technology Ltd, the ALERT PRO range is equipped with patented technology that is revolutionizing the way asbestos risk exposure is managed. As the single greatest cause of work-related deaths in the UK, this innovative technology is making a significant impact in the field of health and safety.

According to data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), more than 5,000 people in the UK die of asbestos-related diseases each year. The presence of asbestos can still be found in up to 78% of all buildings constructed or refurbished prior to 2000, as reported by the NORAC & ATAC. This can include materials such as pipe or plant lagging, insulation, fireproof panelling, cement roofing materials, and sprayed coatings.

The ALERT PRO represents a major breakthrough in asbestos safety management technology. It utilizes patented light scattering technology and the paramagnetic properties of asbestos to differentiate between asbestos and non-asbestos fibers, providing results with a 99% confidence level.

While not meant to replace existing methodology, the ALERT PRO complements asbestos testing and current legislative requirements by providing real-time data on airborne asbestos risk. Unlike other forms of asbestos air monitoring, which provide a single result for a sampling period with an average concentration, the ALERT PRO provides timestamped data that allows for the determination of peak risk, identification of specific activities that have led to the release of fibers, and understanding of factors that may increase asbestos risk over time.

The ALERT PRO 2000 Connected model offers real-time data in the cloud, instantly accessible to anyone with access to the ALERT CONNECT data portal. Immediate notifications can be sent via SMS, email, or third-party applications to an unlimited number of users responsible for monitoring the site, whether locally or remotely.

Shawcity, a leading distributor of cutting-edge health, safety, and environmental monitoring technology, is a key partner of Alert Technology Ltd. Recognizing the potential impact of the ALERT PRO on various industries, including construction, remediation, facilities, and estates management, Shawcity has been at the forefront of promoting this groundbreaking technology.

One of Shawcity’s customers, Statom Group, a forward-thinking independent construction business specializing in remediation, RC Frame, and groundworks, was eager to trial the ALERT PRO. Sean Deloughery, Statom Group’s Remediation and Environmental Director, explains, “Our partnership with Shawcity means we have access to a dedicated product specialist in their team who gets to know us and understand our business needs.”

“Our account manager, Ben Crane, introduced us to the ALERT PRO at the start of 2023,” Deloughery continues. “We were immediately interested because it is completely unique technology designed to alarm when asbestos is present in the air, which is a key benefit for us.”

After a successful hire trial, Statom Group quickly realized the value of the ALERT PRO and purchased their own unit. They have since placed an order for a second unit and plan to purchase two more by the end of 2024. The ALERT PRO has been particularly useful for them on a remediation site that was formerly part of a college campus. With the ability to monitor and contain asbestos risk in real-time, Statom Group has been able to provide instant and accurate data to demonstrate their competency as a contractor and ensure the safety of their workforce and neighboring communities.

The ALERT PRO has also received recognition for its innovative technology, winning the prestigious 2023 BSIF Product Innovation Award. To learn more about the ALERT PRO range of real-time airborne asbestos monitors, visit To arrange a free demonstration, contact the Shawcity team at 01367 899419 or email

For further information on managing asbestos, please visit the HSE website at

For media inquiries, please contact the Marketing Department at Shawcity Ltd at 01367 899419 or email

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