Barcelona-based cycling shop SantaFixie has expanded its operations by opening a new store for UK customers.

The expansion is a bold plan to become Europe’s largest online Fixie cycling retailer with key markets in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium already under its belt.

SantaFixie’s founder, Xavier Clavería, said “The United Kingdom is a very important market for us. Every year, urban cycling becomes increasingly important; there are a lot of bike fans.”

Xavier launched the business from his parents’ garage, by buying and selling bicycles online, when living in London in 2010.

The company’s own line of bicycles and ‘Fixie’ components have generated in excess of two million euros since their launch, with the products being delivered to more than 30 countries and accounting for 60 per cent of total sales.

Considered one of Spain’s fastest-growing startups, the company recently purchased a new 1,000 square metre logistics centre in the heart of Barcelona as a main hub in order to consolidate orders across Europe.

The company currently has a headcount of 15.