More businesses are launching in the North, research reveals

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 09:15 am

The North West and Yorkshire and the Humber are proving increasingly attractive as locations for UK startups, new research has revealed.


Research from Bruntwood Group, the office space property providers, has found that despite London’s reputation as the UK’s main business hub, over 6 in 10 new British businesses (64%) were founded outside the capital.


A total of 14% of businesses were found to have started life in the North West, with 30% of those following the likes of Rolls Royce, Boohoo and The Hut Group in launching in Manchester.


The research also revealed that Leeds is the best city in the Yorkshire region for new British businesses, with 33% of Yorkshire-based businesses taking their lead from ASDA, Morrisons and Next in beginning their life there.


A Bruntwood spokesperson said: “The spread across the North of England is definitely helping to create a better start-up foundation for business people all over the country.


“While London is still the number one destination for many new British businesses, it is reassuring to know that other areas of the country, even the small towns and cities, have just as much of a shot at making it big as the stalwarts that soak up the economic growth of the capital.”


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Over 40 years ago, Bruntwood started out with the vision of transforming unloved buildings for commercial use, whilst retaining the original character and value that once made them special. This core vision still remains true to this day, having evolved to create vibrant communities and campuses that help businesses to reach their full potential.

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