5 Questions to Ask Your Packaging Machine Company

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:32 pm

When looking for a packaging machine manufacturer, there are lots of factors to consider. Since you are committing to a long-term relationship, choosing the right company is a priority. Not only should the company provide the packing machine, but it should also offer support and continuous innovation throughout the product’s life cycle.

 So, how are you going to choose a packaging machine company that will serve your needs? We’ve rounded up five questions you should ask your packaging machine manufacturer. These questions will apply to all the manufacturers regardless of the industry. They will also help you gauge if the company has your best interest at heart. And whether working with them will benefit you and your customers. Let’s dive into it. 

1.  How Are Their Industry Experience and Track Record?

 Perhaps the first thing you should set out to understand is the manufacturer’s reputation. A good place to start is to learn about the manufacturer’s industry experience and track record. How long have they been in the industry, and which companies do they serve? More often, you want to narrow down to their specific niche and check their level of experience.

 Some industries are vast, while others are limited to a few packaging equipment. For instance, food packaging machine manufacturers will have a variety of products. That is,  compared to their industrial counterparts. Another thing to know is the financial stability of the company. The packaging machine industry, like any sector, is competitive and unpredictable. It only takes one mistake, such as a class-action lawsuit, for the company to go bankrupt. To avoid such incidences, ensure the company has a solid financial standing. 

2.  How’s Their Customer Support?

 Before choosing a manufacturer, it’s necessary to consider the quality of their customer support. Ask the company if they provide support services such as installation, upgrades, and repairs. It’s also worth knowing if they offer training to in-house technicians. This may help reduce the cost of downtimes and even improve productivity.

 The channel for reaching the customer support personnel is another thing to consider. Similarly, 24 hours live chat support might be more helpful than a support service email. It’s also better to have remote access to support services, especially when you have a competent team of in-house technicians. 

3.  How About the Warranty?

 Every manufacturer that believes in the quality of their products offers a reasonable warranty. When looking out for the best company to partner with, always keep this in mind. A rule of thumb is to compare the product warranties of various manufacturers. The longer the warranty period, the more confidence the company has in its products. This is a sign of high product quality, and you should always take note.  

Another question to ask besides warranties is whether they sell packaging machine spare parts. After continuous use, some parts of the packaging machine may need repairs. A company that offers OEM parts would be your best pick. Most global packaging manufacturers provide original spare parts. But you should be ready to pay a premium for them.  

4.  Can You See the Machines in Action?

 Having a conversation about equipment isn’t enough. You want to see it in action. After negotiating with your manufacturer, ask if you can interact with the machine. This will either be in person or virtually. The idea is to see the machine and understand its working principle, size, design, etc.  

If the manufacturer is located far from where you are, don’t worry. Ask them to refer you to their customers nearby. This may also act as a source of testimonials where you’ll learn more about the manufacturer. 

5.  What’s their Vision or Short and Long-Term Goals?

 It’s easy to get yourself into a deal without considering the partner’s vision and goals. While this may sound like a cliché, there’s more to it than you can imagine. For instance, a company that’s committed to green energy will attract more customers. This means it will be more financially stable in the long run. That can further translate to reduced prices since they can produce equipment at scale.   

Choosing the Best Packaging Machine Company 

 Even after asking all the above questions, you still need to judge properly to avoid costly mistakes. For instance, many manufacturers will answer your questions to your expectations. But not many will do as they say, at least, not entirely. 

 Some of the best packaging machine manufacturers in the USA put their customers first. They also strive to meet and even exceed customer expectations. So, in your search for the best packaging and sealing machines, always put your needs first. 

 After comparing all the options at hand, top packaging machinery companies will outshine the rest. From reputation, warranty, customer support to company goals, you can always ask your way to make the right choice. Remember, you should pair the answers you get with your research. This way, you won’t fall for companies that present more than they actually have to offer.

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