Kelton Advocates for Net Zero Progress Through Expert Wet Gas Metering Services

Last Updated on: 12th February 2024, 04:22 pm

Kelton, a leading consultancy in the energy sector, is leveraging its extensive expertise in wet gas metering to aid the global energy industry in addressing the complex challenges associated with hydrocarbon management and net zero objectives.

The firm presides over two key committees dedicated to wet gas metering and boasts personnel with profound experience in this field, alongside providing specialised training courses on wet gas metering.

Wet gas, characterised by its minor liquid content, is pivotal for the net zero agenda, offering new avenues for the application of metering technologies. This surge in interest spans various sectors committed to achieving net zero targets.

The transition towards net zero poses numerous technical hurdles, yet the current technological framework within the energy sector is aptly equipped to navigate these challenges.

Critical among these challenges are the management of net zero systems like geothermal steam generation, wet hydrogen retrieval from underground storage, and carbon capture and storage (CC&S) initiatives. Each of these areas frequently deals with wet gas flows, which pose significant metering difficulties.

Richard Steven, Kelton’s principal measurement consultant, remarked, “Over three decades of research, development and experience wet natural gas meter technology has gradually moved from experimental prototypes to accepted commodity products. 

“Today industry tends to take a pragmatic view of wet natural gas metering and accepts wet natural gas meters are more complex, more expensive and less accurate than their single phase counterparts. The various wet gas meter designs all have particular limitations dependent on the physical principles employed and the flow conditions being metered, and yet they are still in many cases indispensable. Operators must have an idea of what is flowing if they aspire to make the process as efficient and safe as possible. 

“As wet gas metering forms a crucial part of the drive towards net zero, as a company we feel it is only right that we share our expertise in this complex area to help the industry and we invite interested parties to join our training course which will equip them with the knowledge they need.”

In a recent committee session led by Kelton in 2023, European representatives expressed a keen interest in tackling the intricacies of wet hydrogen metering for hydrogen extraction projects.

Furthermore, the UK’s National Gas Transmission is spearheading an investigation into “Hydrogen & Carbon Dryness Management” to address the challenges posed by periodic wet hydrogen and CO2 flows in large pipeline systems.

Landsvirkjun, the Icelandic power giant, is also exploring the use of wet steam meters for optimal management of its geothermal resources, while experts in Carbon Capture and Storage are delving into CO2 metering solutions, including diagnostics for wet CO2.

Richard further stated, “We are now seeing big players within the industry starting to take note of the importance of wet gas metering, so we feel that now is the time to use the knowledge we have to help those who need it as they work to meet their crucial net zero targets.”

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