Charge-M8 Debuts New Line of EV Charger Protective Barriers

Last Updated on: 8th February 2024, 07:15 pm

Charge-M8, a leader in EV charging solutions, is excited to launch their new series of protective barriers for EV chargers, specifically designed to prevent damage from unintended vehicle impacts and to conform to the regulatory standards in the UK.

This latest offering includes six unique products, such as steel quad/tri post barriers, steel U barriers in both narrow and wide formats, and rubber wheel stops in two different sizes, with prices ranging from just £29.97 up to £268.97.

Protecting your valuable EV charging apparatus is now more effortless with Charge-M8. Apart from selling these products, they also extend an installation and securing service to guarantee that your EV charging stations are robustly protected and remain secure over the long term.

The BS IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition, through codes AG2-AG3, necessitate the deployment of reinforced protection in zones susceptible to medium or high impact. The IET Code of Practice for the Installation of EV Charging Equipment mandates that equipment in publicly accessible areas must be safeguarded against a minimum impact severity of AG2, as delineated in BS76741 (18th Edition). Charge-M8 advocates for the use of durable tyre stops as an initial protective measure, followed by impact barriers as a secondary defence for cases where tyre stops are not heeded or when the vehicle’s overhang surpasses their protective boundary.

Julian Smith, CEO of Charge-M8 said: “Since launching Charge-M8 impact protection range we’ve received an overwhelming response from the trade and will expand the range further throughout 2024.  The high quality of the products and speed of delivery are the two areas that have been praised in particular which is very pleasing to hear.

The product range came into existence when we were trying to source a consistent supply of impact barriers and tyre stops at an acceptable cost. After numerous cancelled orders, mostly due to incorrect stock availability it seemed like the obvious thing to do was to source our own range and as well as using these for our own projects, offer the range to the wider EV installer network. We’re pleased to be able to help and give peace of mind that their assets are well protected.”

Though tailored for EV equipment protection, these barriers are versatile enough for various applications, such as delineating spaces or creating safety zones, making them ideal for use in warehouses, storage areas, industrial facilities, and car parks.

The product line is available for immediate online ordering. For volume discounts, installers are encouraged to contact Charge-M8’s Technical Experts, who can assist in identifying specific needs. Just give us a call or fill out the enquiry form on our Charge-M8 website, and we will get back to you.

For further product information on all 6 products please visit:

·         Steel Quad Post Barrier – 4 Sided Protection

·         Steel Quad Post Barrier – 3 Sided Protection

·         Steel U Post Barrier – Wide 1000mm

·         Steel U Post Barrier – Narrow 500mm

·         Rubber Wheel Stop – Wide 1650mm

·         Rubber Wheel Stop – Narrow  500mm

For more information and case studies from Charge-M8 please visit: or to book an appointment email or call 0333 242 3328

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