SHICRET Unveiled: Albert XL’s Guide on Mastering Infidelity Now in English

Last Updated on: 12th February 2024, 05:08 pm

Renowned Spanish author and infidelity strategist, Albert XL Arnaiz, has released the English edition of his much-discussed book, SHICRET: How to Be Unfaithful Without Getting Caught. The book, which has stirred considerable debate within the Hispanic community, outlines a unique approach to conducting affairs discreetly with its 7-step SHICRET framework.

Launching on “Mistress Day”, Arnaiz seeks to extend his influence to English-speaking audiences, following his celebrated appearances across Spanish and Miami media circuits, various media outlets, including Telemundo (NBC), Univision, AmericaTV, Telecinco, and Antena 3.

SHICRET® embodies both a “Big Secret” and a systematic 7-step method for stealthy affairs, represented by the acronym: Secrecy, Hearing, Intimating, Cohabitating, Reiterating, Evading, and Terminating.

The book aims to enhance the subterfuge skills of those already involved in secret liaisons and to serve as a starting point for novices in the art of infidelity.

Now available on Amazon in English, SHICRET challenges the traditional self-help genre, urging readers to reconsider the ethics of infidelity and its execution.

For more information, visit the official SHICRET website or follow SHICRET on social media.

About the author:

I’m Albert XL Arnaiz, from Barcelona, presently in my forties. For many years, I’ve cheated on various people, and the truth is that it’s worked out very well for me! I have experienced unique, unrepeatable, and incredible sensations and experiences. Moreover, being unfaithful has positively changed my life, transforming me into a better version of myself. Thanks to having an affair, I even decided to change partners and had a wonderful daughter. I have no regrets and nothing to hide, and, of course, I would do it over again if I could go back in time. I hope you don’t judge me for what I did and much less for writing this book. I am not in favor of cheating, but I am not against it. We dare so little, yet life is so short!


Bookfor sale on Amazon in paperback and digital format (eBook). where you can request consulting, coaching and more information about infidelity training courses.

Podcast Tu Profesor Infiel” (Spanish): Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iVoox, Google Podcasts and more platforms.

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