Is it possible to start trading with a small capital

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 11:58 am

To start a trading account you need capital. There is no fixed amount of capital you must have to start trading. A trader can start with big capital and can even start with small capital. But many traders think that they can’t make profits with small capital. Trading is a very sophisticated profession. There are many things you should learn before you expect to make some decent profit from this market. For instance, those who have a strong knowledge of leverage would never think about the size of their trading capital. They can easily use the leverage trading account and start placing trades with a decent lot size.

If you know all the terms and trading processes, you can make profit even with small capital. Though with small capital, you can’t trade flexibly but with a large capital, you can take a wide array of trade. If you lack the capital to trade at the level you desire, you have the option to obtain a funded trading account. In the following article, you will learn more about trading with small capital.

Take risk based on your capital

You should never take more risk than your trading capital can bare. Always take the risks according to your capital. Many new traders often take more risk in their trades and thus end up blowing their trading account. Blowing up your trading is very common when you fail to adhere to the risk management policy. To deal with the unpredictable market, you should have a strong risk management plan so that you don’t have to lose a big portion of your capital.

If you have a small capital then you should not risk more than one percent of your trading account. Even if you lose in the trades by applying one percent risk it will not take away all your money. Always take a risk by observing your trading capital.

Set proper stop-loss 

In the Forex market, the traders need to set proper stop-loss orders in their trades. Proper stop-loss order allows a trader to trade by lowering the percentage of losses. It’s not easy to set the proper stop-loss order, it requires enough knowledge and experience. Go through the price action trading strategy and find the best Australian Forex broker to gain access to a professional trading platform. Analyze the candlestick pattern and try to find the trade setups along with the major trend. Scale the lot size according to the quality of your trade signals.

You should also learn the process of applying for the stop-loss order in the trades. Often the new traders don’t have enough knowledge about the stop-loss order so they set them randomly in the trades and that’s the reason they lose. Before setting the stop-loss order try to learn it precisely to make profit.

Variable deposit 

In the Forex market, no fixed amount of capital is needed to start trading. Not everyone can start their trading with a big capital so for them, there is also a chance, but traders can do their trading with small capital.

But it is true that to make profits from a small account you have to work double and act smartly in the trades because in the trades your every move will be counted. If you use effective strategies and skills so you can make profits even with a small account.


You can’t just trade randomly with a small account as in the small account the percentage of losing is high. You need to trade according to the market’s condition so that you can make profits. In the trading the risk also varies according to the capital, don’t ever jump into the trade to make more money. Many new traders often trade more with their small capital in the greed of making money fast but they end up losing in the trades. So, never trade in the market out of greed.

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