A group of friends in Yorkshire have set up a new website which will act as an online information hub in a bid to help small businesses in Leeds to continue generating income during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Gary Butterfield, Ashton Wesley, and Owen Williams, set up ‘Support Your Local, Leeds’ as a way to help the 6,000+ small businesses in Leeds that will undoubtedly suffer during this time of economic uncertainty.

The website works by showcasing a collection of independent cafes, creative agencies, freelancers, and service providers in Leeds who have websites or online shops. Interested members of the public can purchase gift cards to be used at a later date, make monetary contributions to good causes, and find ways to raise awareness through social media.

So far, a number of small businesses from across the food, volunteering, arts, health, retail and fitness industries are featured, but the group hope that more and more will come forward to provide information on their current offering.

Gary Butterfield said: “It’s a difficult time for all businesses right now, but sadly, it’s the small cafes, restaurants, and independent businesses who are likely to suffer the most.

“We decided to utilise the skills we have and collaborate to develop a website that showcases some of the amazing businesses we have in Leeds and try to generate some income for them whilst they can’t operate as normal.

Ashton Wesley added: “We’re doing this because we care about the future of independent businesses and local founders in the Leeds city region. We also hope to capture wonderful initiatives and raise awareness through social media.”

The website is completely free of charge to use and be featured on, and the group generates zero income from any purchases made.

What’s more, no personal data or mailing list signups are required, making this a true act of support for those suffering.

To be featured on the website, or to find out more, or to find some amazing businesses, visit www.supportyourlocalleeds.com.