Hanbok Culture Week Shows Off Korean Culture- Are Baby Girl Hanbok Designs a Part of the Event?

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 10:05 pm

Koreans in Seoul, South Korea, are going to be treated to some really cool hanboks this week as part of Hanbok Culture Week. This event was supposed to only be held once a year in the fall, but a large monsoon ended up canceling the event in 2020. Due to that cancelation, it was decided that the Hanbok Culture Week would occur twice in 2021, with the first event being this week!

Will Baby Girl Hanbok be Displayed During 2021 Hanbok Culture Week?

 Everyone is wondering whether or not baby girl hanbok is going to be part of the Hanbok Culture Week festivities this week. We believe that this event is going to focus on adult hanbok, both men and women hanbok, so it’s unlikely we will be seeing girls hanbok during the various activities.

We might see some children wearing their hanbok during this week since Hanbok Culture Week promotes wearing the hanbok at least one day this week as your outfit of choice. This means that men and women likely will be wearing their hanbok for the day, and might dress up their daughter in a traditional girls hanbok.

When and Where is Hanbok Culture Week Taking Place?

2021 Hanbok Culture Week runs through April 18 and The Ministry of Culture Sports, and Tourism and the Hanbok Advancement Center together helped put the event together. This particular event began in 2018, so it’s still a relatively new celebration that’s chalked full of fun and entertainment for your entire family.

One of the events will be at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, which is the Hanbok and K-Pop exhibit. This is where you’ll see more than 25 different hanboks that are traditional and were made by seven different designers from the area. These hanboks have been worn by K-Pop stars such as Zico, BTS, and Oh My Girl.

Other events will also be happening all throughout the Seoul area including Jeonju and Jongo. Five other municipalities will be holding events, including classes and workshops that’ll go into the process of making a hanbok.

On Sunday, there will be a baseball game taking place in Seoul at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium. During the ceremonial first pitch, we are going to see Hyebin and JooE, both are part of the K-Pop girl band Momoland. They will be wearing their hanbok which they helped create alongside Hyeon, which is a local hanbok brand.

Can Anyone Get Into the Hanbok Culture Week Activities?

The Hanbok and K-Pop exhibit is going to be occurring at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. While it’s free to get into the event, only 50 people each hour will be allowed into the facility to comply with coronavirus safety guidelines. This means you should make your reservation in advance to attend so that you can be one of the 50 and not have to wait in line for hours.

What Else has the Hanbok Advancement Center Been Involved in Lately to Promote Hanbok?

The Hanbok Advancement Center has been busy the past couple of weeks. The group just made certificates of appreciation for a U.S. Congresswoman and five other teams.

Congresswoman Marilyn Strickland is a Korean American that was elected to serve in Congress and wore her hanbok during the swearing-in ceremony back on Jan 4, 2021. She said on Twitter that it meant a lot to her to wear her hanbok and it was a very personal moment to honor her heritage and family.  

Beyond Strickland, K-Pop singer Jun Hyo-seong and Lakai Korea received a certificate for their collaboration. A graffiti artist, Chris Chanyang Shim, and a video game maker from the United States known as Riot Games also received an award.

Kwon Yoo-jin and Chae Kyung-hwa, both costume designers for a Netflix series called “Kingdom” were honored as well. Gangjin Jakcheon Middle School also was honored for making the hanbok the school uniform.

2021 Hanbok Culture Week Runs Again in the Fall

If you can’t make it to the spring event, don’t worry because another week full of appreciation of the hanbok will be happening in the fall. We are hopeful to see baby girl hanbok during the fall event and see more local hanbok brands and designers collaborate with well-known K-Pop artists and other stars in Korean entertainment.

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