Exploring the British Royal Family’s Interest in UFOs & the Paranormal – New Film ‘King Of UFOs’ for Fans of The Crown & UFOS

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 11:48 pm

On 1st December, “The King Of UFOs” is set to be released on Tubi and Amazon. The documentary investigates the British Royal Family’s interest in UFOs and the unexplained phenomena. It features exclusive access to unreleased archives and interviews with witnesses, as well as examining claims that Prince Charles piloted an experimental UFO craft in Canada in 1975.

Retired police CID detective and owner of the Great British UFO Learning Centre, John Hanson, states in the film that he has been warned by a leading religious figure that UFOs are demonic in origin. Nick Pope, who used to work for the British Ministry of Defence, also claims that some within the government and establishment believe UFOs are of demonic origin and should be left alone. Furthermore, Hanson reveals that the late Queen and Prince Phillip had a personal library of UFO and paranormal books.

The documentary also looks at a Canadian diver’s claims that he saw Charles piloting an experimental UFO type craft with two other pilots at Sandy Point, Canada in 1975. According to the diver, the craft was powered by electro-magnetic force and was heading to the NASA base at Langley in the US. He adds that Charles’ skill as a pilot may have saved lives that day, as the craft was also submersible and may have been the same craft as the Shag Harbour UFO incident in 1967.

The King Of UFOs is directed by Mark Christopher Lee, who also helmed the hit Tubi film “God Versus Aliens”. It is sure to be an entertaining and thought-provoking watch for both UFO believers and fans of The Crown alike.

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