My Learning Helps Schools In The Fight Against COVID-19

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 09:35 am

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on many industries and institutions. Stock markets are heavily affected, many staff across a range of sectors have been asked to work at home, or take a leave of absence, and when it comes to learning, school closures are rising and set to increase. However, My Learning UK has got the tools needed to ensure children can continue learning regardless of where they are.

My Learning’s school closure planning toolkit contains all the relevant advice and best practices to ensure as little disruption as possible in a student’s education. Plus their special online learning platform, Fusion, is available free of charge to any school that has been affected by COVID-19. Using Fusion VLE/LMS, schools can get homework and content to students, plus offer live broadcasts while the students are safe at home. Parents also have the chance to connect to the platform via the free Fusion App, which operates across a huge range of languages, over 110 in face, and can be used on any smart device and deployed within 24 hours.

The CEO of My Learning UK, Alan Sawyers, stresses the importance of education and highlights what his company can do to ensure it continues unabated:

“Education should not be limited by physical barriers in this connected world. Fusion allows teachers and students to benefit from continuing education, even during times of interruption”.

Since the Coronavirus first started to make a real impact in January, the demand from schools for My Learning has skyrocketed worldwide. To prepare for the increased load, the company have added further capacity to their video conferencing systems, so that school can have live, online lessons where they share content to students at home. And with Fusion being fully compatible across a range of software from Google to Microsoft Office 265, it opens up the field to almost every student and teacher with a range of comprehensive tools to choose from, as Mr Sawyers explains:

“Our free school closure planning toolkit can be downloaded by anyone. We wanted to give something practical and timely to educators. This is also why we are providing our online platform at no charge too.”

Regardless of how long the effects of Coronavirus continue to affect school closures, My Learning UK is on hand to help students learn and grow.

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