Eclipse Glasses USA, a renowned supplier of top-tier solar eclipse viewing eyewear, is delighted to announce the donation of 500 pairs of  ISO certified eclipse glasses to the Walden School of Liberal Arts, situated in Provo, Utah. This collaborative effort is geared toward granting students a secure and memorable opportunity to witness the upcoming annular eclipse in October 2023, which will mark the final occurrence of a US west coast eclipse until 2045.

Eclipse Glasses USA has consistently demonstrated its unwavering commitment to facilitating safe and accessible astronomical encounters for schools and school districts throughout the United States. With the impending arrival of the annular eclipse in October 2023, the company underscores the significance of allowing students to engage with this natural marvel while upholding their safety as the utmost priority.

“We are excited to partner with the Walden School of Liberal Arts in ensuring that students have the opportunity to view the annular eclipse safely,” affirmed Roger Sarkis, Owner of Eclipse Glasses USA. “This event is a rare natural educational opportunity, and we believe that by providing these eclipse glasses, we can contribute to the educational and awe-inspiring experience for the students.”

The Walden School of Liberal Arts shares in this excitement over the partnership. Dr. Lois Bobo, Principal of the Walden School of Liberal Arts, expressed their gratitude, stating, We are grateful for the generosity shown by Eclipse Glasses USA. This donation will allow our students to witness a historic event while learning about the wonders of the universe,” remarked Dr. Lois Bobo, Principal of Walden School of Liberal Arts. “It’s truly an investment in their education and scientific curiosity.”

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The forthcoming October 2023 annular eclipse, often referred to as the “Ring of Fire” eclipse, promises to enrapture Utah residents as the moon partially obscures the sun, resulting in a captivating ring-like phenomenon. Given that this eclipse occurrence signifies the final west coast eclipse in the United States until 2045, Eclipse Glasses USA’s donation assumes profound significance, as it will enrich the educational journey of students and nurture their enduring interest in astronomy for generations to come.