MICROVOLTS: Recharged to Launch on Epic Store with Exciting Updates, Says MasangSoft

MasangSoft, a leading game development company, has recently announced exciting updates for their popular TPS (Third-Person Shooter) game, ‘MICROVOLTS: Recharged’ (MVR). The game, which has a global fan base, has been well-received for its engaging gameplay and charming Micro World setting.

‘MICROVOLTS: Recharged’ is a free PC online shooting game, available on Steam, that offers players thrilling and intense battles. With a variety of themed maps and modes, players can experience exciting combat situations. The game’s third-person perspective allows players to easily understand the battlefield and strategize using the game’s seven unique weapons. In addition, players can customize their appearance by choosing from nine different action figures and dressing them up with various costumes. With its easy controls and casual nature, the game is perfect for relieving everyday stress and providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

The company has recently released a Starter Pack DLC for new players, which includes membership, RT, and costume items. The DLC, launched on January 30th, is currently available at a discounted price during the Steam Spring Festival. Additionally, on February 27th, new Maid Season costumes will be unveiled, and players can obtain a Maid Season Diorama Stand through attendance checks.

MasangSoft is also preparing to launch a league system for competition in both solo (1v1) and team (4v4) formats. The preseason for the league is scheduled to begin upon its update. In March, ‘MICROVOLTS: Recharged’ will also be available on the Epic Games Store, providing even more options for players to access the game.

A representative from MasangSoft stated, “Since the launch of Microvolts on September 9 last year, we have been working hard to meet the expectations of our fans. We ask for your continued interest and participation as we strive to improve the game.”

Players can find more information about ‘MICROVOLTS: Recharged’ on the official website, forum, and social media pages listed below. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news from MasangSoft.

Official Website: https://mv.masanggames.com/

Forum: https://mv-forum.masanggames.com/

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1426440/MICROVOLTS_Recharged/

Epic Store: MICROVOLTS: Recharged Coming Soon – Epic Games Store

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MicrovoltsRecharged/

Discord: https://discord.gg/tKdzjmUYfj

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@masangsoft.official

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