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Cream Pie Surprise for Ryanair Head in Brussels Amidst Petition Delivery

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:19 am

Cream Pie Surprise for Ryanair Head in Brussels Amidst Petition Delivery

In a surprising turn of events, Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair, faced an unexpected cream pie attack from environmental advocates while in Brussels.

The proactive airline leader was in the midst of visiting the central office of the European Commission. He intended to submit a petition to EU chief, Ursula von der Leyen, when the incident occurred.

Footage capturing the moment showed two female assailants dressed in black, loudly proclaiming “Welcome to Belgium” as they took aim with the pies. O’Leary took one hit directly to his face, with the other landing atop his head. The duo vocally expressed their concerns, yelling, “End the pollution from planes!” Their affiliations and identities remain undisclosed, leaving questions about their association with any eco-organizations.

O’Leary, showcasing his resilience at 62, retorted with a light-hearted “well done”, subsequently adjusting his attire and removing his jacket.

Speaking to the Belgian press, specifically La Dernière Heure, O’Leary quipped, “It’s been quite the warm welcome! Although, I was hoping for more authentic cream from the environmentalists. A suggestion for travelers: the cream in Ireland is unparalleled!”

Ryanair’s social media handle humorously weighed in, stating, “An enthusiastic reception in Brussels today as we introduce RYR’s fresh 7 routes for Winter 2023. Our clientele seem ecstatic about our new offerings, marking the occasion with cake. As always, we continue to serve deliciously affordable fares!”

During this pie-struck episode, O’Leary was accompanied by a life-sized representation of European Commission President, Ms. von der Leyen. The motive behind his visit was to present a petition endorsed by 1.5 million individuals, focusing on the “overflight” legislation adjustments. Current stipulations restrict carriers from traversing certain nations when their ATC personnel are on strike, irrespective of landing intentions.

Attributing to these rules, Ryanair holds them responsible for multitudes of delays and cancellations this year, causing tumult for travelers and potentially jeopardizing the post-Covid recuperation of the travel sector.

Ryanair’s data reveals a disproportionate number of cancellations related to overflying France, even though the country employs minimal service regulations safeguarding regional and short-haul flights.

Eurocontrol, the air traffic supervisory entity, indicated that ATC capacity constraints, coupled with staffing challenges stemming from industrial strikes, have escalated flight delays across Europe by 36% this year.

In prior statements, O’Leary articulated, “The passengers of Europe are exasperated with unwarranted overflight interruptions during ATC industrial actions. It’s imperative for the EU Commission to address this concern of over 1.1 million EU citizens, insisting nations shield overflights during domestic ATC strikes, mirroring practices in Greece, Italy, and Spain.”

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