Applying for a loan online can be a tricky business. For starters there are so many lenders out there vying for your attention when you’re deciding on who to choose. Plus, not all lenders are created equal, or have the same credibility, so you need to take steps to protect yourself. This is where can help. With their newly published checklist, they detail what to look out for to ensure your personal data is protected, providing valuable security tips and the warning signs you should take on board.

Right now in the UK, there are literally hundreds of different brokers, comparisons sites and affiliates. With the market being so crowded, competition is incredibly fierce, which leads to some companies being particularly aggressive when targeting potential customers. The more unscrupulous businesses pull out all the stops to get hold of your personal details, so they can pass them on to other brokers and lenders, making a quick buck off you in the process. Luckily however,, the highly-respected online money magazine, has the knowledge that can help us.

The checklist they’ve created sets out what features you should be looking for on websites when applying for loans, and which telltale warning signs you should be aware of to avoid opening yourself up to danger. Right now, Family Money has seen there’s been a huge surge in brokers and their affiliates selling on personal details that expose customers to all sorts of pitfalls, so there’s never been a more important time to make sure you’re protected.

Thomas Henderson, Family Money’s top blogger, understands the importance of keeping private data private, and is confident his firm can help:

“At Family Money, we are constantly looking for ways to help consumers of the loan industry. Our essential checklist will help customers who are concerned about protecting their personal data. It is a short read for a long-term gain.”

It’s also not just personal data that Family Money can help you with – their website is a valuable resource for anyone in the UK who’s looking to manage their finances in the best possible way. This checklist is a big added bonus that ensures people stay safe online and have the security they need.

To see what the checklist can do for you, head on over to and check out the expert knowledge that will give you peace of mind.