Delivery Service Provider Changing The World of Deliveries

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 10:22 pm

Delivery services provider, Ryde, is keeping both customers and couriers happy with the introduction of a new shift-based feature for on-demand delivery.

A recent survey revealed that those who are working in the delivery sphere prefer shift work to on-demand delivery, as it provides greater job security.

Hence why Ryde, a company who has gained recognition for trying to improve working conditions in this area, has introduced a new feature called Hourly+. The new feature will offer more security to those working in the area, but it isn’t just the riders who will benefit.

Duncan Mitchell, CEO of Ryde, explained why.

He said: “Traditional on-demand has notoriously bad fulfilment rates – and we expect them to get worse. It’s because delivery couriers are opting for more reliable shift-based work, instead of the traditional wait for a job, without pay, on-demand model.

“Meanwhile, the explosive growth of instant grocery has conditioned consumers to expect their deliveries in 10 minutes or less. This combination causes major fulfilment issues for companies in the last-mile delivery space. So, we responded with Hourly+, a shift-based approach to on-demand.”

There was an initial three-week trial, which showed this feature to increase overall efficiency for customers and companies.

Hourly+ showed that riders were ready for jobs, rather in the on-demand, where that would not always be the case. The new service also increases efficiency by placing bonusses for riders and has a minimum hourly wage.

Ryde now has over 15,000 couriers nationwide.

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