Is Rosehip The Answer To Arthritis?

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:16 am

Over 10 million people in the UK currently have arthritis or other similar joint related conditions. 

Thus, it is unsurprising to see sufferers seek out new ways to relieve the pain associated with these issues.

The holistic approach of rosehip supplements is increasingly muted as a potential treatment for joint related pain.

According to Lewtress Natural Health, who produce two rosehip supplement products, extracts from the plant “can discourage the build-up of white blood cells accumulating in large amounts within the joints, thus making sure that joint inflammation, stiffness and pain is minimal and thereby helping to make arthritis a more manageable condition”.

Lewtress’ Rosehip Extract Capsules contain what they describe as a particular galactolipid, which is present in highly concentrated pure extracts of Rosa Canina.

According to the supplement providers, the “galactolipid has a specific natural action, which can breakdown, dissolve and eliminate the debris and nodules which form within osteoarthritic joints.”

Apparently, this reduces both inflammation and the erosion of cartilage. It is also claimed that these supplements can reduce the need for over the counter pain  medications.

The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid. It is a common condition, which can occur at any age.

With no cure currently in place for arthritis, any treatment that alleviates the effects of the condition is welcome. However, it is also recommended that you speak to your doctor before taking any supplements and that you also conduct the relevant research.


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