Four Benefits of Opt In Text Message Marketing

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:15 am

Your audience willingly involves itself in opt in text message marketing campaigns. You can send text messages to random people and hope it reaches your potential customers who might convert. A better approach would be first building a list of contact numbers of your potential customers and then reach out to them to pitch what you offer. Building an opt in contact list would be time-consuming and requires smart work, but the benefits make it worth the effort. 

You Don’t Violate any Law

The first and foremost benefit of sending opt in text message is that you won’t be breaking any laws. TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) has strict rules that every business has to follow. That’s why it’s better to send text messages with the consent of the receiver. 

Recipients Don’t Get Annoyed

Text messages went out of fashion when businesses used them for their aggressive marketing. People easily get annoyed when they receive an irrelevant marketing text. However, your messages won’t be annoying them if they have opted to receive them. On the contrary, they might look forward to it if you used the right strategy to attract them.

Your Messages are Read

Although most messages are opened, people don’t read them once they realize it’s a marketing text. Your opt-in-audience would not only open and carefully read the text you sent them. As they already know your business, they will show interest in what you have to offer. 

They are Likely to Convert

You will miss even the most relevant audience if you keep sending blind bulk messages. The opt in text message marketing can get you the best conversion rate. Not only do they already know your business, but you also know who is going to read your messages. This enables you to write a perfect personalized text copy that relates to the recipient.

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