“Customized by DocHQ, Health Screening Proactively Averts Employee Health Problems”

DocHQ, a UK-based employee benefits provider, announced on Tuesday 9 January, 2024, that it has pioneered a new convenient at-home health testing service, covering a range of conditions. This innovative approach to workplace healthcare is set to redefine the way healthcare is accessed and managed within working environments.

The company’s range of health checks includes general health tests such as vitamin levels and female hormone balance, as well as screenings for diseases like diabetes and cancer. These tests are processed in accredited UK laboratories, compliant with ISO and UKAS standards, and each online results report is confidential and GP-verified. Additionally, it comes with doctor recommendations and guidance for each user.

According to Madhur Srivastava, CEO of DocHQ, the company is dedicated to tailoring healthcare solutions to meet the unique needs of each employee. “We streamline the health-testing process, ensuring accessibility and simplicity for every individual,” he said.

The benefits of DocHQ’s at-home health testing service are numerous. Not only does it allow for early detection of health issues, leading to improved prognosis and prevention, but it also provides swift and easy access to vital health information. Furthermore, it allows individuals to manage their health concerns and results in a private and comfortable setting. This cost-effective alternative to private healthcare does not compromise on accuracy or reliability.

Moreover, DocHQ offers annual health testing packages for corporate businesses, with the ability to tailor tests to the specific demographics of their employees. “Seizing control of your health is now more convenient and cost-effective,” added Srivastava. “Our range of health checks enables hassle-free monitoring, fostering a proactive wellbeing approach.”

For more information on DocHQ’s transformative workplace health approach, visit their website at dochq.co.uk.

For commercial enquiries, interested parties can contact Joe Stewart, Sales Development Representative, at joe.stewart@dochq.co.uk or 033 00 880645.

Media enquiries can be directed to Melanie Rutherford, Marketing Manager, at melanie.rutherford@dochq.co.uk or 07791 750301.

About DocHQ:

DocHQ is a specialist medical technology provider that aims to enhance employee wellbeing both in the workplace and at home. By combining medical expertise and technology, the company offers a range of services and solutions for employee benefits, including physiotherapy, health checks, fitness, nutrition, and travel health. DocHQ also works with insurers to connect businesses, providers, and consumers through technology. With a network of private clinics and providers across Europe, the company delivers a comprehensive range of employee benefits, promoting a healthier and more productive workforce.

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