How Technology Has Changed Business Training

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 04:57 pm

The modern business world continues to evolve, guided by industry trends, technological advancements, and changing employee needs. While good compensation is important, modern employees can willingly leave high-paying positions if they feel undervalued or stuck. Most modern employees are looking for opportunities that allow individual and professional growth.

As a business leader, you should think beyond financial compensation to attract and retain top talent in your business. Among the many ways of retaining top employees is leveraging technology to make workplace training effective and efficient. Below are a few ways technology has affected workplace training:

1.   Blended learning

Most businesses hesitate to initiate employee training programs primarily because of the intricacies involved. From designing the training program and identifying gaps to planning the exercise, most businesses found it challenging. Fortunately, unlike before, technology has availed different mediums and platforms, such as Hone, simplifying employee training.

Modern employee training programs are multi-dimensional. Accredited associations and training program providers also offer synchronous and asynchronous online programs that suit different teams. Businesses only have to identify and adopt a suitable program.

2.   Improved employee onboarding

Making new hires and helping them perfect their performance is a challenge for most businesses. Unfortunately, most business leaders think talent and expertise are the only determiners of employee success. Talent and employee expertise aside, business culture and access to beneficial information can make new hires great and valuable employees.

The talent and expertise of new employees often manifest better if they go through the right onboarding and training. Fortunately, business leaders can leverage interactive training programs to facilitate workplace training. These programs, especially quiz-based learning and gamification, are highly engaging and effective.

3.   Made continuous learning a possibility

Traditional training models required employees to learn and retain everything within a short period, just like students cramming for an exam. While this training model remains largely popular, it is ineffective as most people can only retain information for a short time.

Fortunately, technological innovations have made continuous learning a possibility. Employees no longer have to cram crucial information. Employers should only design and furnish employees with resources through online courses. Besides boosting retainment, online learning also benefits remote employees.

4.   Expanded the scope of training resources

Traditional employee training programs were primarily classroom-centered and relied on facilitators. However, modern technologies have widened the scope of training. Instead of depending on a facilitator to train employees, businesses can:

  • Use online courses and videos – Combining in-person training with online courses improves learning efficiency.
  • Micro-learning – Business leaders and employers initially spent the first days orienting new hires to their workplace, taking up valuable company time. However, with technology, employers can upload instructional guides and videos for new hires to watch before reporting to work.
  • Training on demand – Traditionally, employees would be tied to computers for online training. However, this has changed as employees can access training material from smartphones, laptops, or tablets.


Workplace training programs are mostly centered and designed to help employees improve their skills and remain competitive. Business leaders have increasingly adopted modern employee training practices, which primarily rely on technological tools. With businesses grappling with remote and hybrid workforces, the decision to make training programs available online is the new norm.


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