On average, people spend £400 on flights and accommodation and take £300 worth of spending money for three day breaks.

Over 50s are keen explorers and as well as going on long holidays to far off destinations, many are keen to visit cities with half saying they will go on at least one city break this year, according to research by Saga Travel Insurance.

However, the poll of almost 9,000 over 50s shows that many are not content with exploring just one new city a year. Keen to spread their wings and absorb new cultures, one in six people say they will go on two city breaks in 2016, while one in ten will go on three short breaks by the time the year is out.

The most common European cities the over 50s visit are Paris, Barcelona and Rome, whilst London, Edinburgh and York are UK favourites.

The over 50s don’t appear to be opting for cheap hotels or budget airlines when they go on a city break as they spend around £400 on flights and accommodation per person, and 1 in 14 estimate that they spend more than £700 on a luxury weekend away.

Even if people are only planning a short European break they are wise to pack travel insurance and not just rely on an EHIC card as it doesn’t cover you in all circumstances. For instance, if someone falls ill in Spain and is taken to a private hospital then their EHIC card will not cover the cost of their treatment. However, if Saga Travel Insurance customers have an EHIC card and they use it to make a medical claim then they won’t have to pay an excess.

Kevin McMullan, Head of Travel Insurance at Saga, commented: “The over 50s are keen to absorb themselves in the hustle and bustle of Europe’s major cities, for those taking more than one trip a year, it is worth considering annual travel insurance as it is often much cheaper than taking out a separate policy for each trip. For people travelling independently, is it key to make sure that your travel insurance covers you for every eventuality, for example if the hotel or airline you are using goes bust, you need to make sure that your insurance will get you home or refund any cancellation charges.”

Even though people are only going on holiday for a couple of days it appears they don’t want to be caught without enough cash while they’re away. On average, people take almost £300 worth of spending money with them to pay for food, drinks and museum entrance fees. However, 4% pack more than £500 worth of cash in order to see their holiday destination in style.

Joanna Fowler, Head of Saga Credit Cards, commented: “Whether you are going away for two weeks or three days it is important to make your spending money to go as far as possible. That’s why it is a good idea to take some cash to use in local shops and markets and a credit card that is kind and doesn’t pick your pocket by charging unfair fees. However, always let your credit card provider know before you go away so they don’t think your card is being used fraudulently.”