Zoltan Varro’s Cutting-Edge Building in Koh Samui Breaks Away from Traditional Western Architecture

Koh Samui, Thailand – C Villa, a new vacation apartment complex on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, has recently been completed with a unique design that blends traditional Thai architecture with modern luxury. The project was led by award-winning designer Zoltan Varro of VARRODESIGN, who aimed to create a space that would meet the expectations of the island’s high-end clientele while still staying true to its Thai roots.

The design of C Villa was inspired by the question, “What would you expect while on a trip to Thailand?” The team at VARRODESIGN wanted to ensure that every moment of a guest’s stay would be filled with delight and the true essence of a perfect Thai vacation. In order to achieve this, the team incorporated local cultures and traditional Thai elements into a sleek and modern package.

“There’s a duality about Koh Samui,” explains Zoltan Varro. “Thailand conjures images of traditional wooden huts on glistening sandy beaches, the natural beauty. But equally, Koh Samui is popular for contemporary villas and its modern nightlife.” With this in mind, Zoltan aimed to create a space that would embrace guests in natural beauty while also providing a luxurious and modern experience.

One of the biggest challenges faced by VARRODESIGN was the design of the ground floor, which was not able to offer the same sweeping views as the upper floors and was also located close to neighboring buildings. However, Zoltan saw this as an opportunity to turn inwards and create a unique space that was not trying to compete with the typical properties found on the island. This resulted in the creation of a “secret garden” on the ground floor, providing a private sanctuary for guests to relax and indulge in traditional Thai experiences such as massages and cooling off in a small pool surrounded by palm trees and local plants.

In addition to incorporating local elements, VARRODESIGN also paid homage to traditional Thai techniques in the design of C Villa. The middle floor features a three-walled space, mimicking the atriums found in local buildings but with a modern twist. This allows for unobstructed views of the natural surroundings while still providing shelter from the tropical weather.

The signature arches that reach out from the middle floor are another iconic feature of C Villa, inspired by motifs found in Koh Samui’s temples. This modern twist on a traditional design element adds to the overall aesthetic of the building and makes it easily identifiable.

Zoltan Varro is known for his intuitive and emotive approach to design, which has earned him recognition globally. He explains, “It’s like first meeting with someone and getting to know them… you try to get a feeling for their vibe and learn about them.” This approach allowed him to successfully balance technical considerations with creating a space that would feel intimate and open at the same time.

C Villa’s logo, a spiritual figure reaching up to the sun, was born from a decorative statue that floats beside the large pool facing Koh Samui’s largest Buddha sculpture, the Big Buddha Temple. This logo symbolizes the overall design concept of the property – a space that feels safe and free, embracing guests with intimacy and closeness while also allowing them to feel open and alive.

C Villa is a testament to VARRODESIGN’s ability to create a unique and luxurious space that honors traditional Thai architecture and techniques. With Zoltan Varro at the helm, the team has once again delivered a stunning project that showcases the best of Koh Samui.

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