A person’s mood can be greatly impacted by their environment, which is why employers will want to ensure that their workplace is welcoming, engaging and, most of all, worker-friendly and hygienic. However, a common issue is that employers will only consider the design and décor of the main office, the breakroom, and the kitchen. The bathroom is often overlooked, yet an attractive washroom can relax an employee and refresh them before heading back to their desk. Feeling refreshed can boost morale and productivity.

Be on Brand

The bathroom is an extension of your office. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you remain on brand so that employees and any visiting customers and/or clients know that this bathroom is linked to your company. Of course, refrain from going over the top with this. Simple ways to be on brand include painting the walls your company colours or having your logo decaled on the wall. You could also install bespoke hand dryers from BlowMotion that have your company logo on the front. BlowMotion only supply high quality equipment, which will help to make a great impression with clients and employees.


Make sure you have an accessible bathroom for employees who need it. You may need to sit down with a designer and have them explain what is required and how they plan on improving the accessibility of the current bathroom; however, this time and money is worthwhile as it improves the quality of life for those who may need added comfort and help. You can improve a bathroom’s accessibility by having:

  • Open space for wheelchairs, etc.
  • Slip-resistant flooring
  • Accessible hooks and shelves for their belongings
  • Handles/grab bars

Good Lighting

Good, proper lighting is more than ensuring your employees can see where they are going and what they are doing in the bathroom. In fact, the right lighting can help destress your employees and make them feel more relaxed. Avoid lights that are too bright as this can be an assault on a person’s senses, and if possible, you could install a dimmer switch so that employees can decide on the brightness of the light, which is useful for those who may come to work early or work later one day. You could also install a sensor so that the bathroom light automatically switches on when someone opens the door to the washroom.

Vanity Mirrors

Do not overlook the usefulness of vanity mirrors, especially in a ladies’ bathroom. Place attractively designed mirrors above the sink area, so women can apply their makeup in good lighting. Many employees use the employee bathroom as a place to change before and after work, so they will want mirrors so they can fix their hair and makeup.

Fix a full-length mirror on an adjacent wall, for people who want to check their clothing before and after work. This helps to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions after using the facilities.


Have you ever gone to a bathroom with a bag, coat or jacket and realised that there is no safe or nice place to store your belongings? While you would expect your workplace bathrooms to be cleaned at the end of every day, we still want to avoid placing our possessions on the bathroom floor for sanitary reasons. Eliminate these frustrations by installing hooks on the doors and having a couple of well-placed shelves in the bathroom so that employees have a place to leave their belongings.

Soap and Toiletries

Don’t skimp out on providing low-cost hand soap. Hand soap is an essential accessory in any bathroom, as you want to actively encourage people to wash their hands after they have used the facilities. Provide nice bottles of luxury scented hand wash to people so they look forward to washing their hands and walking away with a nice scent on their skin. It’s also nice if you can supply some complimentary moisturiser to go with your hand soap. Employees will really appreciate this in the winter when dry skin is a problem.

There are a few other things you can supply too, such as boxes of tissues in the ladies’ toilets. This will discourage people from using toilet paper to blot their makeup.

Because it is a restroom, unpleasant smells are something you can’t avoid. One way to mask any nasty smells is to add a few essential oil diffusers. These will release pleasant scents throughout the day. Go for scents like lavender and jasmine to create a nice atmosphere when people first walk in.

Your employees spend a lot of time at the office, so reward them with a hygienic and comfortable bathroom that can help them relax while they are away from their desk. Good lighting and proper equipment such as hand dryers and taps with hot water can make all the difference.