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VST Enterprises Ltd (VSTE) the British cyber security company founded by tech entrepreneur Louis-James Davis (31) has today announced that it has developed a unique digital health care passport in the fight against CoronaVirus (COVID19).

‘V-COVID™’ (powered by VCode®) will not only help rapidly speed up the process of getting key critical care workers within the NHS and Health Care trusts and blue light emergency services returning to the frontline, but also ensure that they do so safely and securely.

VSTE are in talks with several leading medical equipment and service providers and are hoping to accelerate discussions with the NHS, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other health care trusts around the world.

VSTE which is based in Manchester are also in discussions to form a joint venture with international medical equipment company, Prometheus Medical – the UK’s leading supplier of pre hospital medical equipment and medical training courses- to provide its VCode® and VPlatform® technology.

Kevin Gallagher Group Chief Executive Officer for Prometheus Medical said;

“We are extremely excited to be working with Louis-James Davis and VST Enterprises developing the VCode® and VPlatform® technology and how it could improve the life-changing medical equipment that Prometheus Medical provides worldwide.”

The groundbreaking VCode® and VPlatform® technology works as a secure digital passport within a scannable app. The technology can be integrated into existing healthcare apps using the development kit, but is looking to be rolled out alongside Corona Virus (Covid-19) testing kits..

The VCode® technology can support test result reporting back to the NHS or the Healthcare Trust where the key worker is employed. The ‘V-COVID™’ digital health passport can then be used on a regular basis for ongoing monitoring and reporting.

A key worker can present their smart phone with the displaying the ‘V-COVID™’ app with their latest test result – which can be scanned outside the 2 metre safe distancing zone – to any official to confirm and authenticate their current health status based on a traffic light system.

VCode® and VPlatform® represents the gold standard and next generation of code scanning technology – an evolutionary step forward from traditional barcodes and QR Codes. Using military grade encryption it has over 2.2 Quintillion variations of codes. The codes become ultra-secure as user login, time, facial recognition, touch ID, geo-fences, handset brand and number of scans are just some of the factors that change what information the VCode® links to at the point of scanning.

VCode® has an infinite range of applications and capabilities from secure identification and ID, to geo location and geo fencing, asset tracking, authentication and permission based authorisations.

VSTE is currently using the same technology  to work with the UNITED NATIONS as part of their SDG Collaboratory (Sustainable Development Goals) program – to provide a wide range of technology services to 9 Billion people by 2030 and which will be announced in the coming weeks.

Commenting on the technology and development of ‘V-COVID™’, VST Enterprises founder and CEO Louis-James Davis said;

‘V-COVID™’ is a game changer in rapidly speeding up the process of getting critical care key workers and frontline staff back into the NHS and in our hospitals. As a digital healthcare passport it will also be a critically important asset in getting our other key workers in the blue light emergency services such as police, fire and ambulance services and the military returning back to operational duties quickly and effectively. At the same time this will also help to alleviate  the pressure off the NHS and emergency services.

Fundamentally once ‘V-COVID™” has been used to get the critical care health workers back to work , then it can be used under strict guidelines to gradually bring back other essential workers and the rest of the UK workforce whilst continuing to observe the safety guidelines of social distancing. This will help the Government organise a gradual “back to work” campaign and staged relaxing of the current lockdown restrictions. In doing so this will also help to minimise any secondary wave of the virus occurring and the lockdown measures being reintroduced which could cripple the UK’s fledgling economy with further stringent measures put back in place.”

It’s unique technology means that ‘V-COVID™’ can also be used for the same validation and authentication process to be used in tests for other viruses such as Ebola, Sars and Mers. ‘“V-COVID™” can also be used to authenticate vaccinations given to the frontline key worker and confirm other key information such as their underlying health issues, ICE details, medication and PPE authorised to the key worker.

Most importantly ‘V-COVID™’ can be used as a health passport for regular screening and testing of all viruses.  It will also help strategically to ensure that with regular updates and testing there is a reduced chance of a second wave of Corona Virus infections.

Louis-James Davis continued;

“Working in tandem with the testing kits ‘V-COVID™’ will not only give the Government a unique digital health passport for key workers and the public, but will also help assist with knowing how many people have tested negative and positive in key regions. It will also help to deploy resources into hotspots with a heat map in areas where tests have recorded positively. This will also assist the Government, the NHS and Health Care Trusts to manage and deploy their resources and assets in a more effective way.”

Critically ‘V-COVID™’ will also help with a staged re integration of the lockdown being lifted with key infrastructure staff in financial services, banking, transport, travel and supply chain services returning to work. Eventually all UK citizens would take the corona virus test with ‘V-COVID™’ and then either remain in self isolation or return to work. The metric data would also help the Government to ascertain precisely how many people were still presenting symptoms, remaining in isolation and how many had tested negative and returned to work.

For information on how to integrate the software into your existing system visit

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