Why Occupational Health Testing Is Important For Your Company

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 08:23 am

As a business that houses many staff members, it’s your responsibility to make the workplace safe and healthy. The well-being of your employees depends on your company policy regarding occupational health testing before hiring new candidates. Occupational health testing and pre-employment medicals are proactive measures to ensure your workplace remains safe.

Learn all about occupational health testing procedures and why having one at your workplace is essential.

What is Occupational Health Testing?

In the simplest of words, occupational health testing is conducting several medicals to ensure that the potential candidate is fit for the job offered. These tests are crucial for high risks industries like commercial transportation, healthcare, education, etc. these tests are more common when hiring a new employee as a pre-employment procedure, but they are also conducted when,

  • Transferring an old employee to a new position
  • When transferring an employee to a new department
  • When an old employee leaves the organisation
  • When he qualifies for the health surveillance program

These tests have many benefits that include, but are not limited to, a company’s reputation, reducing liability, ensuring workplace safety, increasing productivity, etc. All in all, occupational health testing is a standard procedure beneficial for the company and its employees.

Here’s what your company stands to gain by conducting the pre-employment medicals that are part and parcel of occupational health testing.

The Benefits of Occupational Health Testing

Pre-employment medicals are critical. As mentioned before, they are beneficial for both the employer and the employee; here are some of the many benefits of pre-employment medicals.

Employer’s benefits of Pre-employment Medicals

Here are the benefits that you, as an employer, can reap from pre-employment medicals.

  • Lessened Sickness and Absence: A healthy employee takes fewer days off and sick leaves than an unwell employee.
  • Increased Staff Retention and Productivity: A physically and mentally fit employee will increase productivity and stay with the company longer.
  • Increased Team-work: With reduced late coming, the teams will have more chances to build a decent working bond.
  • Job Satisfaction: When employees are well-cared for, they feel valued and stay loyal to the organisation.
  • Compliance: Not only are pre-employment medicals beneficial, but they are also standard practice required by law.

Employee’s Benefits of Pre-employment Medicals

Just like employers, the employees benefit from pre-employment medicals.

  • Decrease in Health Risks: These pre-employment medicals verify that your new job doesn’t come at the cost of your health.
  • Better Performance: your fitness helps you perform better; this is a big plus for any employee.
  • Improved Mental and Physical Health: Monitoring your mental and physical health helps you maintain your fitness.
  • Overcoming Work Stress Issues: Once you know your work stress issues, you can take preventive measures to eliminate or manage them better. Managing stress levels will eventually increase your work performance, efficiency, and productivity.
  • Identifying Undiscovered Health Issues: Regular checkups at your workplace can help you identify medical issues that may go undetected otherwise.


Pre-employment medicals have many benefits. You can make your work environment more efficient and safe by conducting pre-employment medicals.

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