Why bitcoin is better than any other cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain architecture is a technology that experts have estimated will not come into culture for at least another 100 years. Bitcoin came along, and the mystery of the blockchain entered our imagination, thanks to visionary Satoshi Nakamoto. Since Bitcoin was born, several other promising cryptocurrencies have been found that seem to have all pale in comparison with the initial hype.

Why couldn’t any digital currencies reach Bitcoin’s drastic price increase?

This phenomenon is due to several factors. Bitcoin is the original movement archetype, and it’s right for this. Its trustworthy infrastructure and usability have enabled it to achieve super-star status. We must begin to consider its past to get it why it is the foremost critical computerized money available.

Why bitcoin is better than other Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is, for a lot of reasons counting: The foremost valuable cryptocurrency both by cost and advertise cap.

Largest user base

The latest figures have shown that there are over 10 million Bitcoin wallets worldwide. Many citizens have invested in technology and are keen to use their simple and secure transactions. The currency has increased in value. This huge user base only enhances its reputation and has only been able to draw ever more investors and players. As this technology has captivated more people, demand has increased, causing the price to behave similarly.

Accredited by more people

The currency will be ready for short-term acceptance, with business titans including Amazon and McDonald suggesting Bitcoin payment systems at the end of 2018. As more and more providers worldwide accept their incorporation, Bitcoin will only continue to grow. This more extensive acknowledgment would upgrade Bitcoin’s request as clients get it the incredible sum of time and exertion, not to say the peace of intellect that comes with advanced cash transactions.

Early on the market

The first digital currency to implement not just the cryptocurrency idea, Bitcoin was listed, but also the infrastructure makes it a successful one. This places it as the figure of authority for the room. When new and interested users want to be part of the trend, Bitcoin is often used for its popularity and media coverage. Only when new users join the blockchain can Bitcoin contribute to its value and because it is most recognizable, most new users end up with Bitcoin.

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Most infrastructure viable

Bitcoin may be credited with inventing the blockchain concept or distributed leader concept. Due to its ultimate security and private character, other platforms such as Ethera and Litecoin have also developed their own currencies. Bitcoin’s most negative press is that it’s a bubble and technology can’t deliver what it promises.

The viable and trusted blockchain technology has kept the holdings of a lot of people safe and their Bitcoin transactions secret. The major issues about missing holdings and reduced protection arise from external sites that have compromised their central servers, one example being Coinbase.

Other Cryptocurrency v.s Bitcoin 

Crypto enthusiasts worldwide have pointed out organizations like Ethereum and EOS as the real digital resources that most utilize current and future societies in terms of opportunity. Why, then, are these currencies well below Bitcoin’s value?

The response is now adopted. Ethereum has a huge number of cases that can make the planet a healthier, safer, more effective place, but those ideas remain ideas and still have to be implemented and used on a massive scale. Bitcoin transactions are performed by ordinary citizens every day, although these visions of Ethereum are yet to be adopted. Bitcoin’s main justification is that the trailblazer works to introduce this modern form of currency and technology to the mainstream world.

Apps and designers to back mass Bitcoin utilizes offer assistance to secure the longer term of Ethereum and other computerized monetary standards at the same time. As Bitcoin grows in value, other innovative and transformative digital monetary networks are getting closer to their vision and their currencies being placed in the manners of those who need them.


When Bitcoin progresses, Bitcoin can be anticipated to expand unpredictably as new services are discovered. Bitcoin owners can only expect its utility to develop over time. In comparison, the other owners of cryptocurrencies risk that the coin would fall into disuse significantly greater.

In other words, Bitcoin already has lapped the field and has a large advantage for the ecosystem and the capital. Bitcoin has two elements that make a huge contribution to this. Stability and corporate engagement. They are both much greater and very difficult to keep up with than with other cryptocurrencies.

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