When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Old Mobile Phone?

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:02 pm

While some markets have struggled manfully in the wake of Covid-19, others have largely managed to remain on course.

Take the global smartphone sector, for example, which grew by an impressive 6% quarter-on-quarter in Q3 of 2021. So, while it declined 6% in relation to the corresponding figures from the previous year, it remains relatively prosperous when compared to other, similar sectors.

However, there is an increase in demand for second-hand phones, especially when you consider the rising cost of new handsets. But when is the best time to capitalise on this and sell your own mobile phone?

Why Sell Your Old Handset?

 We all know that smartphone manufacturers release new and upgraded flagship devices each and every year, meaning that older handsets are becoming outdated at a frightening pace.

We’re also widely encouraged to change and upgrade our phones every year, despite the fact that many of us are tied to extended, 24-month contracts that are hard to extradite ourselves from.

This is one reason why you may want to sell your handset, as this enables you to upgrade to a new device each year while also realising the remaining value in your existing device. This can be done regardless of the status of your contract, allowing you to bank some additional cash before upgrading your phone.

Similarly, you may have a number of old phones hanging around your home, and depending on their precise age and condition, you could look to sell these to platforms or directly through the private market and bank some money in exchange.

Even if you have older or broken smartphones, you may be able to sell these for scrap or to entities that refurbish handsets before reselling them on the market.

The How and the When – Selling Your Mobile Phone?

Ultimately, there has never been a better time to sell your handset, particularly as demand remains high but households continue to suffer from the adverse financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sure, you could also time your sale to avoid the release of new handsets (which are extensively marketed and can be particularly tempting to buyers), as this will help you to capitalise at a time when there’s a reduced supply of devices available.

This can also help you to maximise your returns, while further gains can be enjoyed by choosing to sell your iPhone through a trusted site.

This should at least guarantee that your listing benefits from a high volume of traffic, in addition to ensuring fairness and transparency for all parties involved.

Try to optimise the condition and visual appeal of your device too, while moving quickly to secure a listing and present your old phone before it becomes too outdated.

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