Celebrating Tech Innovation: The 2023 Technology Awards Recognise Industry Excellence

Last Updated on: 17th December 2023, 05:22 pm

The 2023 Technology Awards, dedicated to highlighting pioneering advancements and leadership in the tech industry, have proudly declared this year’s winners and finalists. These prestigious awards commend the significant efforts and accomplishments of organisations and individuals who are spearheading tech innovation and influencing the future trajectory of various sectors through their technological solutions.

2023 Technology Awards Winners

  • Resurgence Novels – Best Multi-National Tech Team
  • All about Laptops Ltd – CEO or Director of the Year – Technology
  • Fairtech Solutions – Best Educational Technology
  • smartKYC – AI Technology of the Year
  • ebb3 – Best Tech Innovation
  • Inno Technologies Limited – Most Accessible Technology
  • FormationData – Disruptive Technology of The Year

2023 Technology Awards Finalists

  • Digital Aptech Pvt. Ltd. – Best Multi-National Tech Team
  • Concealed Clues – Best Educational Technology
  • Resurgence Novels – Disruptive Technology of the Year
  • Fairtech Solutions – CEO or Director of the Year – Technology, Finalist
  • Ortharize – Best Tech Innovation, Most Accessible Technology
  • Confluent – AI Technology of the Year, Best Financial Technology
  • Neat Digital – Tech Visionary Award
  • Inno Technologies Limited – Tech Visionary Award

2023 Technology Awards Individual Award Winners & Finalists

  • Winner: Matthew Blakemore, AI Caramba! – Tech Visionary Award

The 2023 Technology Awards underscore the noteworthy contributions and visionary approaches in the tech industry. These awards highlight the inventive spirit and dedication of the winners and finalists, illustrating their crucial role in advancing technology and effecting meaningful changes in various sectors.

For additional details about the 2023 Technology Awards or to organise interviews, please reach out to Business Awards UK.

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