Online affiliate marketing is fast becoming the go-to business for many aspiring entrepreneurs, with an increasing number of people taking a liking to the gambling vertical.

The lure of online affiliate marketing is there to see. It is very capital-friendly, and doesn’t require much physical effort. And if you are patient and really good at it, you can make tons of money from the business.

There are now many top betting affiliate companies in the world, with the majority of them born into very humble beginnings.

Swedish-based giants, Leadstar Media are a prime example. The company started out with just a couple of guys who saw an opportunity to use their passion to solve a need, and within half a decade, they had multiplied exponentially into a global organisation of 70-plus people.

Today, they run numerous affiliate websites around the world, including the multi-geo, widely acclaimed as the best sportsbooks bonus comparison site.

So what do you need to launch your own online betting affiliate company?

1. Computer and Internet

It goes without saying that you need to be connected to the internet to run an online business.

And you do not need to install any of those sophisticated, expensive fibre optics internet providers in your house; a simple mi-fi or even mobile data would suffice. As long as the connection is decent and stable, you are good to go. Also, your computer is effectively your virtual office.

While a smartphone could be a viable alternative, it is often preferable to have a computer, especially if you are new to the game.

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2. Understanding of the Market

Before getting into online betting affiliate marketing, you need to have a basic understanding of the betting industry and also the affiliate marketing business. You can’t just go in blindly just because your friend has been very successful at it.

Again, you do not need a university certificate in online betting (if ever there’s one!) or affiliate marketing in order to start your business. All you need is an understanding of the basic concepts. Thankfully, there are lots of resources on the internet to help you out with this.

And if that friend of yours is willing to share some of his tips and tricks with you, that would be very useful indeed!

3. Marketing Plan

After getting your computer and internet provider; and arming yourself with a basic understanding of the online betting affiliate industry, the next thing on the agenda is to create a marketing plan.

One of the most important questions you have to answer is how you intend to get your customers.

If you are going to run an online betting affiliate business, then you need an avenue through which customers can view your campaigns.

A very popular practice is to start a website, and use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to get the site to rank on search engines for specific keywords.

To do this, you would obviously need to acquire SEO skills, which could be self-taught or learned from other people. And except you are a web designer, you would also need to hire someone to create your website.

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A cheaper alternative would be to use social media marketing to promote your campaigns. Some affiliate marketers have had success with platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

4. Online Betting Deals

So if you have decided on what marketing model to operate, you can then reach out to online betting sites to get a few deals to start off with.

The great thing about this is that many sportsbooks are very open to doing affiliate deals with just about anyone.

They see it as a very cheap marketing strategy. You get to do all the work, and they watch as customers roll in. Of course, you aren’t working for free.

Online betting affiliate deals are usually either Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) deals or Revenue Share deals. For CPA, you would be paid for every customer you bring in while the Revenue Share system means you will get a pre-agreed share of the revenue the sportsbook makes from your customers.

Online betting affiliate marketing is fun and very profitable. However, like many businesses, success does not come overnight. You need to invest quite a bit of patience and hard work to make great profit.