What to use the proxy for?

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:06 am

Modern business requires much attention concerning things that you do online. And as building a marketing strategy depends on data you collect on the Internet, you should be particularly careful about the data the servers register. Using a proxy server can help you with this purpose. If you search for a reliable Indian web proxy, go to soax.com and find your solution. 

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a gateway that virtually divides your computer from the Internet. If you try to search for some information directly, it can cause many troubles related to your security issues. Attempts to steal credit card numbers or rob your house are quite rare. But people that own servers collecting the information about your requests can learn a lot about your browsing habits. Knowledge is power, so sometimes it can be even worse than a robbery.

So how exactly does it work? When you search for some information, you send a request. The request contains information about: 

  • your IP address – thus, about your exact location;
  • things requested;
  • the device used to make a request.

If you send all of the above to the end server, you are “naked” before the web server owner. But using a proxy server as a mediator, you can encrypt the data and secure yourself from excessive interest. Paid proxies allow for changing your IP address (one-time or periodically), info about the device you use, and the final look of the request. 


There exist various typologies of proxies. But we will mention differentiations by the IP address changes and the device info changes.

There are several variations of how the IP changes depending on a proxy type:

  • a transparent proxy does not change the IP address;
  • an anonymous one offers you an option to hide your IP;
  • a distorting one makes the web server register a fake IP address;
  • a high-anonymity one defends IP info the most, changing the fake IP addresses periodically.

These variations provide different levels of your location info security.

Another classification differentiates:

  • residential proxies;
  • and mobile proxies.

It makes the web server register some IP as a computer attached to some specific location (residential) or as a mobile device using a mobile data network. You can benefit from both options on soax.com, depending on what purposes you use proxy for. 

Applications of proxy servers

At first sight, it might seem that you need to use a proxy server only for security issues. But the presence of transparent proxies makes it a little nonsense. 

The most widespread uses are to provide:

  • control and monitoring;
  • data safety;
  • enhance the speed of the connection.

The more anonymous your proxy is, the more privacy it allows, while the other two functions usually default. Everything depends on the plan you choose.

Using the soax.com service, you can be confident about the quality of all three points mentioned above. Choose what you need a proxy for and stay calm about everything else. 

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