How to Know Your iPhone has Been Infected? Tips To Deal With It?

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 04:05 pm

iPhone infected with malware and viruses have an extreme chance. However, it only happens when you click or download a file. It begins crashing unexpectedly, finding strange apps on the phone, pop-ups start appearing on Safari, or you have been unreasonably charged from the account. These are the few symptoms reflecting the effect of the Virus on your phone.

Let’s learn more about how to check and remove viruses from your iPhone.

How to check virus or malware effect on iPhone?

  1. Suddenly Apps start crashing: Lots of malware, whether on the system or the phone, starts affecting your mobile applications. Therefore, as soon as you try to open applications, these begin failing without any reason. It could be the right time to scan your phone.
  2. Unusual applications are downloading: If you see your system is downloading and installing files or applications without your consent, it means an alarming sign of malware attack on your phone. You need to be prepared for it.
  3. Pop-ups from Safari start appearing: The best part of using Apple Safari is that you will not experience any pop-ups when using the internet. At this time, if you face such an effect, it means a virus has been attacked on your phone Safari. You should take appropriate measures to remove virus from safari for a hassle-free experience.
  4. Unexplained billing charges: The golden rule to any account is to act smartly. If you found any suspicious activity like overbilling or unexplained charges, take immediate actions and look at your billing expenses.

Tips to Remove Virus from iPhone

When you are taking appropriate actions, you will hardly need malware removal protections. Here we have simple steps for your help;

  1. Restart your device: Restarting your system or phone is a quick solution to get rid of unwanted commands on your favorite applications. Once you give the restart command, your system gets fresh, and you can enjoy a better work experience.
  2. If your device is still unable to process well after restarting, deleting browser history can remove the bugs. You just need to select Safari from device settings, then “click on clear History and websites data.”
  3. Restoring your device to the previous settings can also be an effective way to clear viruses from your iDevice. You just need to navigate settings from “General”> go to “Reset” and “Erase all content and settings’; you will see a pop-up alarming for backup, select backup, and proceed with it. Otherwise, select erase now for quick command.
  4. If you want your device to start working like a new one, a Factory reset is a perfect option. All your contents, media files, and applications will be wipe-off from the system. You just need to start the latest version of iOS on your iPhone.
  5. Use the Mobile Unlocked online service to free your iPhone device.

Bottom Line

Most malware affects your iPhone performance issue. Keep in mind, every time, malware is not a reason for deteriorating phone performance. There could be phone life, obsolete software, battery life, application installation could be the culprit. Therefore, do not forget to check these before taking any serious actions.

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