International patent translation is a systematic process of translating a patent from one language to another, so the information is accessible and understood by an international audience. Nowadays, where businesses have gone global and brands are expanding their reach into new markets, translating patents into international and regional languages has become necessary.

Increased competition has led to increased innovation as companies and manufacturers try to outperform each other; therefore, licensing patents to protect intellectual property rights is essential to the growth and survival of many big businesses.

Why is international patent translation required?

As we pointed out in the previous paragraph, an international patent is required for brands to expand their reach into new markets. However, this is only possible if the patent document is written in a language different local populations can understand. International patent translation is also a huge factor in the distribution of patent documents.

According to a report by the Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), international brands spend roughly $1 billion per annum translating their patents from the original language into another. As more patents are issued to protect intellectual property rights, and as owners of such patents expand into new regions, the need for patent translation will gain greater significance.

How much does an international patent translation cost?

The cost of international patent translation is not cast in stone. Translators charge different rates for their services, and experienced professionals are known to charge top dollar for their work. On average, patent translators can translate a 9400-word patent document weekly, excluding the extra days required for edits and quality assurance.

So while you may pay a substantial fee for international patent translation, it is an investment you stand to benefit from for as long as the patent lasts. Another thing to note is that translation work is charged based on the language. For instance, if you want to translate a patent written in English into Chinese and Arabic, you will need to pay a Chinese and an Arabic translator to produce two versions of the patent, meaning you end up paying double.

Another thing to note is that this kind of industry may also influence translation costs. Industries like big pharma and biotech are known to spend the most on patent translation since their products are sold in big markets.

Furthermore, the income of the company in question may affect translation costs. Hiring translators from high income companies costs more than translators from low income countries. Simply because products sold in those countries cost more than in low income countries.

Advantages of quality international patent translation

If you are looking to branch into a new market and protecting your intellectual property rights is a big deal for your brand, then you should translate your patent document into the target market you want to enter. There are several advantages to be had when you hire quality patent translators to work on your document. We review some of the advantages below.

Avoid Project Delays

It is a huge risk to enter a new market if you have not translated and published the patent to protect your rights in that country. When you hire the wrong translator, it will take them time to finish the project which may extend your time to market. Product launch delays may ruin your strategic plans, and your competitors may gain an edge over you. But when you hire expert translators, you avoid delays and launch your product based on your scheduled timeline.

Decreased Cost

Although patent translation costs a princely fee, you may end up spending much more than intended if you hire an amateur translator. Hiring a translator to make corrections will take more time and cost you more money. However, with experienced translators, you get quality without the need to pay double for it

Increased ability to enforce the patent

When your patent is properly translated into an international language, you will be able to enforce it because the information contained in the document is crystal clear and will be upheld in court. Expert translators will ensure no information is lost or confusing; technical jargon will be outlined to avoid confusion or misrepresentation.

Circle Translations patent experts

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