What are the Different Types of Freight Shipping and the Technology Used by Them?

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 02:12 pm

Freight shipping and transport is the service where commodities and merchandise move from one place to another. Though shipping broadly means carriage through the sea, the meaning is extended to the transport of land also. Freight shipping services are important for the right functioning of the business. When you are selecting the method, it should be the best suitable one according to your requirements. Let us discuss the different types of freight shipping services and the technology behind them.

Ground (Road)

For transporting medium-sized goods, road transportation will be the best. The rail freight companies arrange goods for transporting through rail or road communication.


When the weight of the freight is more than 15000 pounds and shipped within the country, shipping through truckload is applicable. Truckload shipments usually deliver through the same trailer from where they were picked up. The potential damage or loss is restricted with the help of the truckload.


Different freight shipping companies use a different mode of transport for moving goods from one place to another. Though the train is considered outdated, the shipping or the rail company finds an economical and viable way for shipping their goods from one place to another. The shipments can be transported from one destination to another with the combined mode of transportation.


Any goods that are shipped less than the truckload can be shipped by the air. Though a very fast option, air shipping is a very expensive way of shipping goods between countries. When you are in a crunch of time and need to save the time, you should go for this particular option.


When large vessels move from one country to another, generally in large metal containers, through Ocean, you can ship huge amounts of freight.


When a full truckload is not required for transporting the goods, you should consider less than a truckload (LTL). Depending on your destination, delivery time, and class, an LTL may hold the shipments for different shippers, arranged into a single shipment.

Technology Used Behind the Freight Shipping Services

Over the years, freight shipping companies have used various technologies and have learned to adapt themselves depending on the requirements. The technologies which are readily available for the freight industry are as follows:

Button Push

In the freight industry, most of the processes can be done through the push buttons. This technology helps organizations for planning their shipments easily. With the clear tracking process, the movement of the goods is controlled easily.

Automatic Identification Technology

When goods transportation takes place smoothly through automatic identification technology, the daily shipping process becomes easy. Through computer systems, electronic identification technology can be operated. Even reports and logs can be printed every day through this technology.


This article describes the different types of freight shipping services and the technology used behind them. Freight shipping services can be possible by the ocean, train, road, ocean, or air. The button push technology and the automatic identification technology are mostly used for the shipping process of goods and merchandise.

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