Using Data Analytics to Enhance HR and Recruitment: The Evolution of Workforce Engagement

Tiny Happy HR has announced a strategic initiative to utilise data analytics and enhance the employee experience entering 2024. This initiative focuses on creating an environment that caters to a diverse and dynamic workforce, helping to improve employee engagement and productivity.

The team, equipped with advanced data analytics tools, aims to understand and improve every aspect of the employee experience, customising it to individual needs and preferences. Data insights are also used to identify factors that increase employee engagement and productivity, as well as proactively identify and address wellness needs.

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is a core value of Tiny Happy HR, with data analytics used to develop inclusive policies. The organisation is dedicated to ongoing improvement, continuously using data to refine HR strategies and ensure a great place to work.

Gemma Coolridge, Communications Lead for Tiny Happy HR, said, “Our goal is to set new standards in organisational performance, creating an environment that surpasses the expectations of a diverse and dynamic workforce. We are committed to helping businesses achieve their strategic objectives through effective people management.”

Tiny Happy HR is a leading provider of human resource solutions, specialising in recruitment, talent management, and HR consulting services. To find out more about how the company can benefit organisations, visit or us at

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