Upstream Outlines Benefits of Transitioning to an Omnichannel Approach to Meet Consumer Demands at MEF Connects

On November 28th, Upstream CMO, Chrysa Karamanidi, and Head of Product & Growth, Katerina Matthaiou, spoke at the Mobile Ecosystem Forum’s MEF Connects Omnichannel event in London. The two highlighted the importance of deploying omnichannel marketing strategies and how martech can help accelerate their adoption.

Consumers today seek consistent and unified experiences with brands, across any touch point. However, few have succeeded in transitioning into an omnichannel approach, as 56% of consumers report that they often have to repeat the same information through different customer flows. 79% of consumers expect consistent interactions across channels and 80% consider a brand’s experience as important as its products.

Chrysa Karamanidi stated, “Omnichannel is the art of redefining the customer-brand interaction. It is not about the quantity of channels, but about the quality of the integration between the channels. In the realm of consumer expectations, the product purchased is only as important as the seamless journey it accompanies.”

Katerina Matthaiou discussed how martech can address the challenges of implementing an omnichannel strategy, such as organizational silos, lack of expertise of the marketers, and inadequate customer understanding. Matthaiou said, “What a martech platform needs to offer is centralization, the ability to control all the communications across the board through a sole platform. Integrating data gathered from all different channels or even from existing customer data platforms (CDPs), will ensure better targeting but will also enable setting up event-triggered communications.”

Upstream presented cases of omnichannel strategies unfolding through their mobile marketing platform, Grow. A major mobile network operator in Brazil saw 24% higher conversions and 45% plan upgrades through automated retargeting. A fashion retailer in Brazil also experienced a 135% customer base increase and a 16x ROI.

Upstream is a global marketing technology company delivering mobile marketing solutions in more than 30 markets across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Their solutions address over one billion consumers in these countries.

At MEF Connects Omnichannel, Upstream highlighted the importance of deploying omnichannel marketing strategies and how martech can help accelerate their adoption. Upstream’s mobile marketing platform, Grow, has enabled businesses worldwide to communicate more effectively with their customers, increase digital sales and boost their revenue.

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