If your boyfriend, husband or partner is looking for a lift this Christmas, Lewtress reckons that they have the answer.

They claim that there is a daily supplement that can help bring a man’s sex drive back to its former glory. A statement from the company has insisted that one of their flagship supplements, Bombyx Daily Complex, “may help to reignite those missing spontaneous moments”.

Not only that, they reckon this product may also help with energy and concentration levels, as well as endurance.

After all, a strong libido is important for many different elements of a person’s life, not just sex. For instance, worrying about sex can affect both our physical and mental health.

Lewtress is a supplement company that has previously claimed its products help with “manopause” and in a previous statement, said that their Tongkat Ali supplement “reduces the ageing effect on the male reproductive system by increasing the body’s own free testosterone bioavailability.”

Libido is something that can be affected by both internal and external factors, so Bombyx’s claim is an interesting one, however we would insist that you consult an expert before taking any supplements.

Generally speaking, it is recommended that you do plenty of objective research and perhaps even contact a medical professional or nutrition expert before taking supplements relating to body change.