Uncovering the Truth: A Closer Look at EPN Supplements’ Sponsored Athlete Program & Investigating Scam Allegations

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 08:36 am

EPN Supplements is a premium online supplement retailer founded in 2020 to provide athletes and supplement consumers with cost-effective products. The company has quickly expanded to become one of the fastest-growing sports nutrition brands. This expansion results from their commitment to developing innovative, effective, and results-oriented performance products. EPN Supplements’ mission is to make high-quality supplements accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget.

One of EPN Supplements’ defining features is its sponsored athlete program. In order to properly investigate what was going on underneath beneath the surface level, we reached out to company management. They were surprisingly able to provide concrete evidence such as back-end data, reports and company logistics to authenticate some of the staggering numbers they shared with us. This program has helped athletes save over two million dollars in product costs by the end of 2022 and has given away over 10,000 products to athletes. In addition, the company has paid athletes a total of $600,000 over the last two years. Athletes participating in the program can also advance in the company and earn fixed salaries.

Participation in the program is simple. Athletes must use and promote EPN Supplements’ products, provide regular feedback and testimonials, and participate in product development. In return, they receive a weekly stipend, free products, and discounts on future purchases. The program is open to all types of athletes, from amateur to professional and from all sports and fitness disciplines. After speaking with several current EPN Supplements’ sponsored athletes, there seemed to be a common denominator as to why the program was such a success. The personal relationships they were able to form combined with the support they received made it extremely easy on these up and coming athletes. 

By combing through the many online testimonials, blog posts, Reddit threads and YouTube videos regarding EPN’s sponsorship program, it was becoming clear there was some backlash regarding the vetting process. While speaking with some current EPN athletes, we soon learned that one of the many requirements necessary for joining the program was that the company required their own athletes to also be membership holders. Based on the feedback received on some popular online forums, this hasn’t quite been perceived well throughout the industry. A spokesperson from EPN Supplements was willing to comment on the elephant in the room and said, “it is simply part of our vetting process as there is only a finite amount of athletes we are able to support at once. Therefore, we (the company) needed to find an efficient way to determine which athletes are willing to show their full commitment to us. Requiring the athlete to initially partake in our membership program has been a mutually beneficial trade-off, and we know as a company that our efforts and energy are endorsing an athlete who believes in us.” Whichever way this is perceived by up and coming athletes who are looking to get their foot in the door, one thing stands clear. EPN Supplements’ sponsorship program has been a great success for the company and extremely beneficial for its current athletes.

It is important to note that EPN Supplements is not a pyramid or multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme. The company doesn’t ask any of its athletes to recruit other athletes or to profit from people becoming athletes. Instead, athletes can sell their products and services through the company’s profitable business model, which allows them to earn a sustainable income. Athletes can leverage their brand and following to promote EPN Supplements’ products and services and earn a commission on their sales as well as weekly bonuses.

Based on the athletes we spoke with, the average athlete in the program earns between $100 and $250 per week. Many athletes have given EPN Supplements positive feedback about its sponsorship program, which is a testament to its effectiveness. It’s important to note that there are many scams in the fitness industry, but our investigation on EPN Supplements sponsorship program has been proven to dismiss any such claims. Athletes who participate in the program have nothing but positive things to say about it. They appreciate the flexibility and autonomy that the program provides and the support and mentorship they receive from the EPN Supplements team.

Finally, the amount of free products the company provides its athletes outweighs any potential adverse effects. The company’s primary goal is to provide the most effective supplements that have been tried, tested, and tasted for quality, flavor, consistency, and, most importantly, results. The EPN Supplements team works hard to ensure that everything bearing the EPN Supplements brand is of the highest quality, which is evident in the positive effects that athletes have achieved. They are proud to be associated with EPN Supplements and are excited to be part of a company that is changing the sports nutrition industry for the better.

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