We could all do with our whites being a bit whiter and our dry cleaning being a bit cleaner, without having to go through all the legwork of doing it ourselves. That’s why Laundrapp, the UK’s biggest on-demand laundry service, is so damn popular, and why Inc & Co Group thought it would be a fantastic idea to acquire the company. And who could blame them?

Laundrapp brings speedy, efficient laundry and dry cleaning services to homes up and down the UK, all made possible with their award-winning app. The make is so easy for their customers too. They barely have to do a thing, apart from having a bag of dirty clothes at the ready. Laundrapp visits homes to collect the clothes, gets them all sparkly new and fresh again, then drops them off back at your door, at a time that works for you.

It’s a business model that has worked wonders since the company was founded in 2015, and now they’ve joined the Inc & Co Group fold, they look set to grow even further as they leverage their capabilities. Inc & Co Group already have a reputation for providing amazing strategic support to a wide array of high growth digital companies right across the UK. It brings with it new opportunities for Laundrapp. Currently operating out of London and service all the UK’s major cities, they’ll be able to expand even further and make their mark on a whole host of new areas full of people short on time and with bags full of clothes that need a good cleaning.

Laundrapp have definitely disrupted the industry they’re in, which is a secret to their current success. Laundrapp themselves are no strangers to acquisitions, grabbing Zipjet last year to increase their maket share in the sector. And it’s a sector that shows no signs of diminishing. Quite the opposite in fact, with worldwide sales projected to grow from an already hefty $12 billion in 2017 to a truly staggering $52 billion by 2022.

Jack Mason, Group CEO of Inc & Co, told listeners what got him so excited about the company:

“I was inspired by the work of the Laundrapp team, and the great product they have built. This business, with its ambitious growth plans, is a great fit within our group. It’s very much a part of our strategy to have forward-thinking technology, and digital products and services within the group. I’m looking forward to supporting the Laundrapp team on their mission”.

With Inc & Co Group steering the ship, Laundrapp will be coming to a dirty linen basket near you soon.