UK employees waste seven weeks a year in pointless meetings

A study by One Pulse and Owl Labs, the smart video conferencing company, has revealed that over half of UK employees feel their companies aren’t doing enough to meet the modern day needs of remote and flexible working. An overwhelming number of workers also say communication and collaboration declines immensely when working from home, with nearly 4 in 5 admitting they have a hard time staying engaged when joining meetings remotely.

The research, which was conducted among 1,000 UK employees, presents concerning findings for UK businesses and the country’s ever-expanding gig economy. Along with remote worker disengagement and old-fashioned approaches to meetings, the survey also revealed:

  • 80% of UK employees are wasting as much as seven weeks a year in pointless meetings.
  • 14% of these feel they waste as much as 10 hours a week in needless meetings, accumulating over a quarter of a full-time employees’ time.
  • 77% of workers find it hard to stay engaged when joining internal work meetings remotely.
  • 53% of staff don’t feel their companies do enough to meet the needs of modern day working.

The news follows recent reports that the UK’s productivity shrank for the first quarter of the year and continues to fall behind rates achieved before the financial crisis is 2008.

Max Makeev, CEO of Owl Labs, said: “In an era of remote and flexible work the need for an effective working process, for those in and out of the office, is crucial. However, UK companies are so far failing to meet the needs of the modern workplace.”

In a bid to increase productivity and engagement among remote workers, Owl Labs recently created one of the first IoT devices for the conference room. The Meeting Owl, a 360° smart conferencing camera, improves collaboration for remote workers, which is critical in the UK’s shifting labour market. Makeev explains: The Meeting Owl delivers a more inclusive experience that aims to salvage those previously wasted hours spent in unproductive meetings.” 

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