Has your residence been affected by a recent tornado? Follow the checklist to inspect the damage to the interior and exterior of the house and conduct a safety check for major and minor injuries. From gas leaks to appliance problems, you must thoroughly understand everything. When you have done a thorough inspection, you can ensure the safety and security of your family members and those in the neighbourhood. Thankfully, a few strategies will help you in this regard. Check for damages to internal and external systems that require proper rectification.

You must first consider wearing protective clothing and thick solid shoes while inspecting the house. You cannot expose yourself to toxic spills and exposed nails. Be careful and never remove the debris yourself. For average homeowners, taking the help of professionals is the best option. Remember that these individuals can help you deal with the problem and get your house back on track.

Home Exterior Inspection

You must check your home for exterior damages post-tornado. Check for tree limbs, flying debris, and furniture in different parts like landscaping, siding, roofing, etc. Take pictures and make videos of property damage to settle your insurance claim. Along with this, you must pay attention to the following points:

  • Check for missing or dented siding and damaged areas.
  • Keep a comprehensive list of what may get repaired and what requires replacement.
  • If possible, try securing turf over the open area to limit further damage to the interior.
  • Never do these things alone, but try to take the help of professionals who inspect every part from the roof to the landscaping to the garden.

Access the landscape damage. Trees, shrubs, and turf may get replanted, but doing that alone is never an option. You require the help of professionals at Robinson Restoration serving all of Vancouver who knows how to use particular tools and equipment and go about the process.

Home Interior Inspection

Coming to the second area where you require the help of professionals is home interior inspection post-tornado. Open the doors and windows as fast as possible to prevent gas buildup. It may be a gas leak if you smell something foul, like rotten eggs or burning hair.

Shut off the main gas valve. Try to restore the gas service and get professional help when you get time. When talking of appliances, only plug something if you have accessed every part. Whether there is physical damage, gas line problems, broken power cord, or damaged exhaust vent, these require professional inspection and handling.

Your safety is your priority. If you need help accessing the area:

  1. Feel free to contact professionals.
  2. If you see any damage, do not work with the appliances.

Get the professionals at home as fast as possible, and they will do everything from unplugging the device to dealing with broken windows and doors.

Talk to experts to repair the damages after the tornado. If you do not follow expert guidelines, hidden signs can lead to severe injuries later. Hence, only an expert can help you here with valuable advice.