Thunderbowl Introduces London-style Interactive Darts and State-of-the-Art Bowling in Kettering

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:54 am

Thunderbowl, in partnership with Bowling Vision, has undertaken a significant refurbishment of its games offering, including the addition of Interactive Darts and cutting-edge bowling technology.

Darts has undergone an exciting transformation, and Thunderbowl has brought this thrilling gaming craze to Kettering. Interactive Darts offers a tech-savvy version of the game, where groups of friends can compete in fast-paced, competitive, darts-based games.

As a popular leisure destination on the outskirts of the town centre since the 80s, Thunderbowl recently incorporated interactive darts into its activity lineup as part of a renovation project.

The high-tech darts board accurately detects where the dart lands, instantly displaying the scoring information on a large TV screen. All you need to do is upload your selfie, choose your game, and start throwing. No more chalkboards or arguments over the position of the dart—let the technology handle the hard work.

There is a wide selection of exciting games to choose from, including Halve It, where hitting gold segments increases your score, and failing halves it. Alternatively, you can play the ruthless game of Killer, aiming at your friends’ segments to eliminate them once you gain Killer status.

Thunderbowl has created a captivating atmosphere for their Interactive Darts lanes, featuring gorgeous wood-panelled surroundings. This not only allows you to enjoy this modern gaming sensation but also provides the complete experience of a London gaming bar.

In addition to introducing interactive darts, Thunderbowl has invested in upgrades to its bowling facilities. Working with local bowling distributor, Bowling Vision, they have replaced their free fall pinsetters with the latest String Pin pinsetters, which offer superior performance and a better experience for customers. They have also introduced a cutting-edge scoring system with incredible game options.

With Sync Scoring, you can play a standard game of bowling or choose from a variety of onscreen gaming formats to enhance the fun. Kids will particularly enjoy Sync scoring games, taking their love for bowling to a new level. You can also try different games each time you bowl or revisit your family favorites.

Thunderbowl in Kettering offers a wealth of entertainment options, including 16 bowling lanes, two interactive darts lanes, American pool, adventure golf, and escape rooms. There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

The creative entrepreneurs, Clair and Martin Rowland, have been operating Thunderbowl since 2005. Clair expressed their commitment to continual reinvestment, stating, “Over the years, we have added various activities to the site and upgraded equipment in the centre. The addition of darts provides a fantastic opportunity for all age groups to come together and spend quality time at our venue, offering even more to do.”

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